Plunderer : Hunch

Episode 6

We’ve had a lot happen in this series so far but not actually that much when you think about it. Characters have wandered far and wide, the military are always on Licht’s back and throughout it all Nana hasn’t had a single compliment on her cooking…

This episode is pretty much this series in a nutshell.

It goes from one thing to the next in a blink of the eye and you never quite know what to expect next. Whether it be serious conversations on what is happening in life and all that, someone trying to look at someone else’s panties or indeed someone being dragged to the abyss.

This episode had no chill from the moment Licht is found by Nana and Hina to the moment Pelmo has her dream dashed yet it jumped through every emotion to get there in the first place.

Sometimes I feel its problem though is that it has no direction.

Sure some characters have pretty concrete goals they need to achieve. Jail wants to be super strong and capture Licht, Hina wants to be close to Licht for some reason and Nana needs people to compliment her food which just isn’t happening for her seeing her number has been stuck on 77 this whole time.

They are still kind of empty goals though.

In fact the only one who does seem to have a goal properly set, not Pelmo who did and is now dead or whatever it is that happens when you are sucked down into the Abyss, is Jail.

He is following orders, he wants to bring peace and order and right now he’s found someone stronger then him who was able to get away even against his Iron Conviction so he wants to go find that person and set the world right again.

Licht is a mystery on purpose but whilst we know WHY Hina has been looking for him since finding him not much has really happened. She’s content on going on a date and just hanging with him which has left the series kind of stuck in limbo. I get that Hina isn’t really the main character, Licht is and her relationship with him is just a important part of HIS character growth, but she was also the reason we found him so you’d think that she would be trying to figure out why her mother made her go to find him.

She doesn’t seem so concerned about that though.

Which isn’t that bad a thing.

If it means more random episodes so be it, this one in particular was pretty nice with the world once more being show to be not as simple as Hina would like and some mystery around why the Military is so against things like Ballots and now people wanting to fly. There are many mysteries when it comes to the world at large but it doesn’t build you with faith it ever wants to really explore that.

I hope I’m wrong.

Personally I wouldn’t mind some random episodes. My hopes that some interesting story would be born from this concept has kind of faded and I kind of just like seeing Licht go about the place doing his thing. I’m at least a little certain Licht will be explored as a character, maybe not in the next episode but sometime soon. My interest in Hina is gone whilst I really would like to get back to Lynn and Pele honestly.

Plus I don’t see the point in the numbers at all.

How does Nana’s work?

It isn’t going up but it isn’t going down either so what is the point of them when they are so vague and stupid?

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