BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Reinforcements

Episode 6

Bōgyo Tokka to Shin Senryoku.” (防御特化と新戦力。)

Another event down and it is time to relax and wait for the next one. What will Maple and Sally get up to in their spare in game time? What do they get up to in their spare IRL time?

In a way when Maple said she needed a break from the game I kind of hoped that we would see her and Sally doing something IRL just to get to know the real them a little better.

Don’t get me wrong this episode ended up being fantastic but I really enjoyed seeing that there were consequences to being in game for long periods of in game time. Whilst for them it has been one night in game for them it has been a week so when Maple logs off she can’t quite log off in her head which causes all sorts of mishaps at school.

It didn’t really matter that this wasn’t the way they went with it though as they built their Guild this week, bringing in everyone that they’ve met on the path so far including those two girls from Level 1.

One line that stuck out was when Maple decided to go to Level 1 to look for people to recruit, she said something along the lines of it doesn’t matter about their level as long as they were fun and that is just this show in a nutshell. All the people who have joined Maple Tree, Maples Guild that lives inside a Tree House outside of town, are just enjoying life. Sure they are kind of stronger then the usual player and working with Maple is going to make them all super strong, they’ll be fighting for the first place spot in the Guild Event no doubt, but they are all just nice and there to enjoy themselves.

Again it is just real life gamers.

When the two girls come in at the end being under leveled didn’t upset a single member of the Guild in fact they all offered to help and decided that from now till the next Event they would all help pile on the levels.

It is all about being part of a group and enjoying this world together.

They split up to do different chores, helping with their abilities as best they can. They all have unique abilities and ways of playing and none of them truly care about winning or losing but taking part and doing the best they can do. Of course they are also in the Guild of the most over powered player but even though Maple is a legend she’s no where near the skill level or just actual Level of Payne but that doesn’t matter because she’s having fun.

Everyone is having fun.

It was a cute episode, it was a fun episode. We got a look at what is to come, the news that Level 3 is about to open, a cool new place for everyone to hang and actually now grouped a bunch of interesting characters together to hang out more often.

I like the growth.

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