Inside No. 9 : Death Be Not Proud

Episode 2

It is time for the twistiest twist of them all as some of our favourite worlds come crashing together and some old friends come back for one last dance.

I do not think there will ever be a episode of this show I loved more then this.

For the first 5 or so minutes I did not know what to expect, with a star like Jenna Coleman, playing Beattie, in it I thought it was going to go for the haunted flat story and have her slowly going mad as she see’s things that no one else does.

What I never expected was for David Sowerbutts to show up at their door and tell us the story of what happened to him after the events of Psychoville.

If you don’t know Psychoville then you should maybe go and check it out, unlike Inside No. 9 it is a fully told story over two seasons with a unique bunch of horrible, crazy and mostly bewildered characters. The story is so much fun and David and his mother Maureen were two of the highlights every episode.

I never thought what I really needed in life was to revisit this pair and see how Maureen died or how David coped after she had gone but now that I’ve seen it I know it is the one thing I’ve been missing for so long.

It was, as is most of David’s story, pretty sad.

Crazy things happen, we see David Bamber return as Robin who wants to be babyfied by David’s now girlfriend the returning Emily played by Sarah Solemani, we even see him have a baby and actually seem to be a half decent father.

That is until Mother returns.

The entire episode ends up being one long flashback, a story told to Beattie by David who has shown up at her door to tell her that she’s in trouble. Beattie and Sam become a afterthought as David tells us all about his moms ghostly meddling, his love for Emily and his son John and how he ended up having to leave the flat for good.

Whilst the twist at the end was amazing and perfect in every single way it was also kind of unneeded.

This was a episode that absolutely had me from the moment David walked in to his untimely exit and his final dance with Maureen.

An absolute masterpiece and a beautiful final goodbye to some of their most well loved characters.

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