Pet : Tips

Episode 6

(Urawaza, 裏技)

The fight between Tsukasa and Hayashi must come to a end as Tsukasa has vowed to kill Satoru if Hayashi doesn’t give in and Hayashi is on his way to change Tsukasa’s memories.

I really liked the end of the fight.

It was really difficult to keep up with what is going on but I think looking back on this entire story it makes sense. You have to piece together everything you learn all over the series to really get a idea of just what these people are going through.

It was when Satoru talked about his life before he had a Peak.

These guys can’t create memories so they get stuck in other people’s, they are nothing more then empty shells being crushed under other people’s thoughts. That was the hell we saw Satoru going through in the first episode so when someone like Hayashi come along and give them a Peak and a Valley of course they are going to be overly attached.

Both Satoru and Tsukasa were saved by Hayashi but to Tsukasa this connection is difficult as he felt like he was abandoned and other people afterwards made him feel that way even more.

All of these guys are “Pets” all of them are nothing more then tools for the Company and even when offered jobs or given the chance to have their own Pet they are still just there to serve a purpose. When it looked like Tsukasa had been crushed no one really cared because he was crushed doing his job.

Problem is this group seem to be stronger.

Hiroki is able to jump into Tsukasa’s Peak take him to his own Peak and then reclaim Tsukasa’s. Tsukasa himself had destroyed his Peak because it was connected to Hayashi’s which meant that it crushed Hayashi. We already know that Satoru is special as he doesn’t have a form like the others but instead just opens doors.

This was a show of strength, the end of a sad story and maybe the start of something much more scary for the Company then they first thought.

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