Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! : Let’s Do Better Than Last Time!

Episode 6

Zensaku yori Shinposuru-beshi!” (前作より進歩するべし!)

Last episode saw the new project come to life, a Giant Robot Anime for the Robot Club at the Cultural Festival but even with triple the time to make it is this bigger project doomed to fail?

Not as long as Asakusa doesn’t want it to fail!

That was a nice message that Kanamori tried to scare into Asakusa near the end of the episode where she started to doubt her ability to make everyone happy with a Robot that everyone will believe in but just managed to help motivate her to redesign the Robot once more.

This project is therefore now in Asakusa’s hands and what a project it is turning out to be.

They want to do everything they did with their first short but bigger and better. They have a theme tune being created that the Robot Club commissioned, they want everything coloured so have got two people in the Art Club on board to help, Kanamori has got them computers and even the Sound Club with their thousands upon thousands of sound clips, ran by one person, will be helping with sound effects.

Watching Kanamori run around and manage everything and the production side of it all come together is interesting.

Then we got the sweet little look into  Asakusa’s world as she ran around the place taking note of just about everything in a attempt to figure out the best way to do everything. You can see the genius there and as long as the motivation stays the show looks like it’ll get by quite fast.

Again watching how different things are done and how it’ll all come together is fun. The Sound Club might stay separate but Doumeki will be audio consultant on all their productions from now on whilst it’ll be interesting to see how the two Art kids feel after helping out.

At first I thought it was weird that they were getting the Art Club involved right off the bat, when the thought was introduced at first it was because the first project was behind, it made more sense when you realise that it was mainly for backgrounds and stuff whilst most of the rest will be handled by Asakusa and Mizusaki. Seeing Asakusa badly talk through what she needs from the Art Club was a eye opener and it’ll be interesting to see how it all plans out.

That being said talking to people seems to be a bad thing for Asakusa.

Not only because she just can’t do it but because she seems very anxious on what people will think of the final product.

Now I don’t like Mecha anime as you all know, Robots don’t interest me at all, but even when Robots are apart of something I’m watching I don’t believe I ever look at it and go “ahhh yes, I know enough about Robotics to know that this won’t work” because I don’t and I’m more interested in the story and how cool it looks. After their first anime was about a girl beating a tank in a battle I don’t know where this whole “but it needs to look realistic” thing came from or why Kanamori didn’t just rebut most of the complaints with the fact it is a anime for the Robot Club therefore needs to have a Robot in it.

Then again it was meant to be for the Robot Club so their Robot could be the centerpiece of the Cultural Festival but the Robot now looks nothing like the one they actually have so I’m not sure what the point is.

That being said I can’t wait to see what it turns out to look like.

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