ID : Invaded : Thunderbolted

Episode 7

It is time to put Hondomachi to work and this time she’s diving into Narihisago’s ID Well.

This is where I guess it is getting interesting.

Looking back I doubt I’ll think the build up to John Walker has been that good, I’ve not been that interested in the mystery behind the mystery man at all. That being said twisting it so that it becomes a even bigger conspiracy made it much more interesting.

For me this shows strengths is in the fact that the stories are very individual. You jump into a serial killers mind and learn how they see the world to try and figure out who they are and what they are doing. It is one of the most fascinating ideas I’ve seen and it really works. Each serial killer has been pretty unique, had amazing looking ID Wells and have had their motives explained in ways you just don’t usually get.

That is its strength. It is its strength because every episode rightfully so focuses on that aspect of the episode.

They have tried to drop on the John Walker stuff as well as trying to make us interested in just who Narihisago is and what happened to him in various ways and whilst the Narihisago story actually does kind of interest me the John Walker thing never seemed that important.

Tying it back to the team by having Momoki, the director, either be him or more likely framed makes that story much more interesting.

Obviously John Walker is going to have a lot of pull when it comes to just about anything. It is just the stereotype of this kind of bad guy. For him to be able to somehow create Serial Killers and have a Mizuhanome of his own he has to have connections.

It’ll be interesting to see if they allow Narihisago to jumo into Momoki’s ID Well, whether they maybe have Hondomachi jump in or if they won’t be allowed either way. I have a feeling that if Walker has moved to frame someone to be him then he might already have the ability to change people’s ID Wells so it’ll be really interesting to jump into Momoki’s. I don’t know if I believe he is Walker or not if I’m honest as there is still a lot that I just don’t get when it comes to him and Narihisago.

Speaking of Narihisago we didn’t really learn much about him.

They say he is a Serial Killer but we only know that he killed the Challenger who was the man who killed his wife and kid by beating them to death. We didn’t really learn anything new about him or what he’s done but they did find a Mizuhanome Cockpit in his ID Well connected to Kiki Asukai who was the last victim of the Challenger and Hondomachi did sit in it but that was it.

If anything this episode left me with so many unanswered questions and a thirst to know what it was that happened to Narihisago after the death of his kid, what his ID Well means, why Momoki is getting caught up in it all and who and where is Kiki Asukai.

Also it is a little sad that Hondomachi’s colder side comes out as a Detective. Her uncaring attitude and matter of fact way of talking to scared people was probably exactly the reason Matsuoka put her in that division in the first place but it was just sad. I like her but she really seems to have no empathy and I worry about her in the future.

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