Dorohedoro : Caiman in Wonderland

Episode 5

Mahō no kuni no Kaiman” (魔法の国のカイマン)

Caiman and Nikaido are now where the Sorcerers are and when they say it is like Wonderland compared to the Hole it pretty much is.

On the outside this show looks all bloody, action packed with little substance.

To a point you would be right too.

The basic story is so simple, Caiman is looking for whoever turned his head into a Lizards and En and his group are trying to find a way to kill Caiman because he keeps killing Sorcerers.

So simple. The blood and gore are essential to remind us that the world of Sorcerers and everyone else aren’t nice places, I said last review it is hard to tell who truly is the good guys and the bad guys in a show where everyone is really the bad guy and all the characters are so likeable that you enjoy spending time with them. The story though… Simplicity at its best.

Yet unlike some shows this one takes that simplistic story and lets it organically grow every episode.

Who Caiman really is, why he was turned into a Lizard and everything else you want to know is explained little by little not just by Caiman’s own search but because the “bad guys” that are after him need to know who he is to defeat him.

On the flip side the two worlds they inhabit, the backstories of side characters, the very fabric of the societies they belong to are explored in such a fun and uniquely gross way that every episode is like a trip to some crazy world and you leave the episode feeling like you’ve been there and like you truly lived that episode.

I like the gore, I like the story but I truly love the characters.

You care about why Caiman is the way he is, you enjoy watching the group with En doing what it is they are doing. As much as I love the visual of a guy being turned into gory bits and then brought back to life in a box it is as much about how happily Noi and Shin do these things or the reaction of Fujita and Eibsu to what is going on.

Visually it is one of the most detailed and horrifying things to watch.

Yet I honestly would explain some of these characters as being cute in their own way.

It abuses your sense so you don’t really know how to feel episode to episode but it is so enjoyable at the same time.

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