Smile Down the Runway : Individual Styles

Episode 5

Sorezore no Ryūgi” (それぞれの流儀)

Everyone has a dream, everyone has a reason why they are where they are and doing what they are doing. Blah, blah we get the deal and here we are with more characters with dreams that we need to learn about.

I’m not saying that I dislike this as a premise for the series but at the same time it makes the series so disjointed.

Introducing new characters is great but Tsumura’s story is so stop and starty and everyone’s dream is pretty much the same thing with a little added angst on the side that it is getting boring having to go through the motions every time a new character is introduced.

We get it now.

Fashion is a cut throat business, models have a lot of shit to deal with and fashion designers hate everything about fashion.

Tsumura is a great character on his own, his story is sweet and we’re building up to what looks like some heartbreak with his mum. It hinted strongly in this episode that she’s either not going to get better or at least it felt that way for me and I can’t help feeling that focusing on him and his family is a much more important path for this series to take then the one where we have to care about Chiyuki and now Kokoro and probably a bunch of people in this competition.

It is too much and everything is super similar with a bit of a twist on the story being told and it isn’t that interesting anymore.

As for Tsumura’s dilemma in this episode wouldn’t it just be nice for him to design something and do OKish without having to run to Chiyuki to help?

Wouldn’t it be nice at the pretty much half way point of the series to have him create something off his own back without having to have silly romance crap and him panicking about everything every time?

I just don’t get it.

Personally I was looking forward to him making something he cared about in the style that he loves making things in and maybe having a model say “actually I really like that.”

The clothes he makes his sisters are designed for everything and even when we went and heard about Sarah from Chiyuki it very much seems like the ideal outfit to create would be something that she would like to wear all the time that is practical yet stylish which he can do in his style.


Of course not.

Right now it just feels like every single episode restarts everything and whilst I enjoy the episode well enough I just kind of wish it would actually move forward instead of side stepping along the story.

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