Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : I’ll Do Anything

Episode 6

Nandatte Shiteyaru yo” (なんだってしてやるよ)

Answers weren’t forthcoming at the Shrine and a encounter with Mami only made things even more murky. Where Iroha goes next to find her missing sister is beyond me.

So much of it felt like it happened in a flurry.

We had a new rumour pop up about a lucky drink that Iroha drinks as well as a mercenary Magical Girl called Felicia. That entire scene was mental and there were a good few really interesting looking Labyrinth’s in this episode that really held it together.

I don’t know if there was too much information or that nothing just made sense to me but I felt like I just kind of tuned out through some of the important bits and my attention was only brought back by the Labyrinth’s themselves.

Felicia was semi interesting, I got that she had dead parents so was a Mercenary to survive.

Then again her need to kill all witches is dangerous which makes her even more interesting because as Yachiyo mentions it puts people in danger when she’s running head long into battle with not a care in the world. This then played into meeting the “Wings of Magius” for the first time as they offer her the chance to kill all Witches if she works for them which obviously is too much of a opportunity to turn down.

What the Wings of Magius are we’ll have to wait and see or maybe they told us and I just zoned out.

It was the first episode that failed completely to keep my interest if I’m honest and something I will probably have to return to and rewatch before next weeks episode. There was just something a little off about it that made me not care.

Still looked amazing though.

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