Kabukicho Sherlock : Looking Back on Saudade

Episode 17

Furikaereba saudāde” (振り返ればサウダーデ)

Moriarty is back and it is time for him to fit back into a group that have missed him so much.

There is something going on with Moriarty that we aren’t aware of yet but at least he’s out officially.

We had a lot of hints that it isn’t all that it seems the biggest being that his father was the one that got him out and now he is helping him get re-elected. For a father who wanted his son dead to have such a big change of heart is suspect in itself but there were many hints that not everything is as it seems as well as the fact that we were shown time and time again just how awful Moriarty’s time in prison was and it must in some way change him.

Plus he ended the episode being the Hero Detective which you know, seems very much like a ploy of some sort.

It was quite a simplistic case this week which it kind of needed to be to bring back Moriarty and give us that air that something isn’t quite right. Not only that but a whole bunch of bad guys are suddenly dying, especially those who escaped from prison at the same time Moriarty was freed (roughly) so having a easy to solve and not so over the top case really worked.

Why this episode might end up being a favourite though is because it showed the bond between Moriarty and Sherlock in such a loving way.

Sherlock brings Moriarty a welcome back gift he’d truly love when we all know Sherlock doesn’t do emotions at all. Then Moriarty decides to be a Detective too and the two team up and you see how similar yet so different they are, even their jointed rakugo was pretty neat.

A nice clean episode that did enough to move the show into the final phase before it ends, some really great moments and it was nice seeing Sherlock and Moriarty reunited.

What it is that happens next, why Moriarty is truly out of prison and what he is doing for his father is yet to be revealed but I’m sure it’ll be sad when it is.

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