In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : A Monster of the Imagination

Episode 5

Sōzōryoku no Kaibutsu” (想像力の怪物)

We FINALLY get to learn just what happened to Kuro, get the reunion of him and Saki as well as the question answered whether or not he gave in and really did start dating Kotoko.

Two of these things were worth waiting for, the other is a little depressing.

It is also the right way of making you dislike a character without actually hating them. Kotoko isn’t a nice character and her judging of someone who has no idea of the world she lives in and being scared kind of rubs me up the wrong way. Her attitude is a important part of who she is but that doesn’t mean it makes her endearing to the audience.

One reason I guess I love Saki is because she’s the “normal” one of them all and her reaction to finding out her fiancee was who he is was natural.

Kotoko also had something weird happen to her so she sees it through the eyes of someone who understands and therefore she can’t possibly ever understand Saki or the fact that it is very obvious that she loves him and this is very difficult for her.

She is very aware that Kuro still loves Saki and why he actually classes her as his girlfriend when he obviously has little interest in her I do not know. Kind of want him to leave her for Saki but I don’t think that is the point of this show.

Then again Kuro is now fully explained and he makes total sense which I am very happy with.

His ancestor was obsessed with his bloodline gaining the ability to tell the future so fed them Kudan meat to try and get the ability. Unfortunately like Kudan as soon as you made a prediction you died and that is where the Mermaid flesh comes in. Kuro just so happened to be the only member of the family who was able to eat both the Yokai’s flesh.

We haven’t really seen what the Kudan ability does for him but the way he was treated and how they tested that the Mermaid flesh had worked kind of explains why he is the way he is.

It is sad and now that Saki knows it you can see that her mind is kind of being put at ease.

Sure there is a part of you that thinks someone who seems as level headed as she does now we have got to know her would have actually talked to him but it was nice to see pretty normal reactions to weird situations from Saki.

Back to Nanase and she was born not from the spirit of the dead Idol but of rumours.

Just these rumours were given a face and that face was Nanase’s. It was the website that spawned her in the form that she was in and not actual rumours being spread person to person.

I like that. I think I’ve said it in these reviews as well as the Magia Record reviews that I really like the whole concept of rumours making things real. It was something I grew up reading in the Discworld books and something I think, not so much in the way they manifest in these shows, happens in reality.

Enough people believe something and a part of it becomes real.

We aren’t any closer to defeating her but I’m kind of happy this story is spreading out over so many episodes and dealing with a lot of character development whilst not forgetting to give us new information or keep the tension going with Nanase.

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