Doctor Who : Can You Hear Me?

Episode 7

This series feels like it has flown by but now we’re nearing the end and it is time for literal nightmares to be let loose.

It was another episode that kind of seemingly evolved from a message. Most of this season has been focused on Climate Change but this week was a look at Mental Health with a really cool bad guy that actually ended up being pretty lame.

Which is a theme this season unfortunately.

Just this time out I didn’t really care in the end that the threat kind of fizzled out because the message was such a important one.

Nightmares are the perfect thing for Doctor Who and Zellin and Rakaya were pretty interesting characters, unfortunately their story wasn’t all that important. Feeding on nightmares we got a interestingly presented story from them, some cool and scary moments before they are just sealed back up.

Unfortunately this episode started in a bit of a mess as the crew are totally split just to face the same threat without knowing it and when they came back together it still stayed pretty hectic.

What this episode did really well though was get that message out perfectly that if you need to reach out, reach out.

We see Ryan get his friend Tibo some help when it was obvious he was suffering from depression, we saw three years prior when Yas had run away and the officer who talked her into going back home and even saw Graham open up to the Doctor about his fears of his cancer returning.

That alone was done so well and it was so nice to see.

Watching as Tibo was able to open up about how he just went to the stores to talk to a cashier is such a very real thing that people do and being able to find a group for him to talk to was so important and especially right now it felt so important to show a young male character reach out and show that even problems or actions that sound silly in your head are important to get out and reacting with kindness and understanding when someone DOES reach out is even more important.

It was kind of sad that such a cool threat wasn’t really that important to their own story but Ian Gelder’s character Zllin was so interesting I hope he comes back.

Plus a Toymaker reference for some reason made me very happy.

This was probably my least favourite episode overall. I enjoyed it, it was actually pretty decent and I’m not saying it was bad. Some great ideas in there, a wonderful message and as always fantastic cast but it also wasted its own potential in some ways.

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