A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Ghost of My Dream

Episode 5

I’m still not sold on this show but it is back for another week of randomness with the three main characters running from ridiculous situation to ridiculous situation…

This week I thought it had a strong first half then went back to being overly chaotic for no reason in the second.

We had Seri get knocked down by a car in the first half trying to save Cerberus before he gets a part time job to buy Kotoko a present and then wastes the chance and quits because the others knew he was working there in the second half.

Whilst both gave us a opportunity for the show to be a little more serious it never took it, throwing every character it possibly could at the episode and letting them loose with their over the top eccentricities on show. Nothing stuck together very well and this time it REALLY showed.

Which is a giant shame honestly because there is so much they could have done with both stories but they didn’t bother to do it.

Having Seri knocked down could have still been funny but really opened up some actual decent bonding moments, instead it had Tsukimiya make Hanadori do stupid things to wake him up. As for the part time job, again, it ended with things happening that could have been good for bonding but instead had Seri act like it was the end of the world that his friends knew he had a part time job.

Thing is overall it is funny and I do laugh so I come back because it is worth it as filler between better shows but it is a shame that even though they seem to be building something that might be half decent it gets lost in just chaos for the sake of it.

At some point you kind of hope that they would maybe just maybe calm down a little bit and actually let a story play out instead of just having it there to showcase a every growing number of characters ridiculous personalities off.

Who am I kidding, that is never going to happen.

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