Somali and the Forest Spirit : The Wandering Birds

Episode 5

Yurai no Tori” (揺蕩いの鳥)

The road has been long and Somali and Golem have been lucky to meet some of the kindest people they can. From Oni’s that heal and bake to whatever Kikila was and his family employing Golem so he can gain the money to travel on.

Not everyone you meet on the path is going to be friendly though.

Not that all those who wish you pain are going to be bad which we kind of have to get around in this episode where we meet Uzoi and Haitora, travelers looking for a cure for whatever it is that is slowly killing Haitora.

This episode was sad. Very sad.

It wasn’t sad because of the ending, it wasn’t sad because it reminded us time and time again that this journey is not going to be a happy one.

No this episode in the 23 minutes it ran for was sad because it introduced two characters we had never met and managed to explain their predicament, make you care and show the great lengths Uzoi would go to save Haitora whilst also showing how that might be hard for both of them.

To a point this comes from Uzoi’s relationship with Somali.

Whilst her plan is basically to kill Somali to help Haitora who is also human there is something about a overbearing child who just wants to befriend everyone and everything that you can’t help but start to like. When Uzoi opened up to Somali about her relationship with Haitora and Somali announced that they were the same because that is how she feels about her dad you could see the pain on Uzoi’s face and it made it easy to understand why, even though the path she faces is dark, she would take it.

Remember last episode and the pain Golem went through when Somali got sick?

Remember WHY Somali got sick in the first place?

Again in the most beautiful way this show reminds us that life doesn’t always have happy moments.

Most of this episode was kind of upbeat and sweet. The adventure that the group went on to get to where they were, the sights they saw and the bonding that was happening were all very real but at the end of all that was still one human dying and another who is ultimately going to be left on her own.

Which is what makes this show really fantastic.

There are so many layers trying to tell this sad story. This world they live in was kind of ruined by humans, the reason that Somali was obviously a slave and probably has no parents is because humanity couldn’t befriend another group and instead became their prey. All these people who are falling in love with Somali at the same time probably would kill her if they knew she was human.

There is the obvious sadness from Golem’s lifespan, Somali’s obvious fate but every week they add just very normal and very sad stories but surround it with so much beauty, so much hope and love that you come out of it not sure if you are crying happy tears or sad tears.

I love Uzoi and Haitora. Truly I do.

Uzoi is doing the wrong thing but she is doing it for the right reasons. I don’t for the life of me believe she will go through with it but I can understand how frustrating it must be because we saw last episode how absolutely hopeless it must be for someone travelling with a human in disguise to get medical help.

Golem had to give up most of their money for a Cure for Everyone type drug because the drugs are made for specific clans and there is probably never going to be a human category and if there was you’d have to explain why you wanted them.

I really hope that something good comes of all this.

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