Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun : The Confession Tree

Episode 5

Kokuhaku no Ki” (告白の木)

We have another spirit causing problems as well as starting or investigation into I guess just about everyone?

There is something about this show that I can not put into words. I try every week and go on about how I love the animation style, the story telling and the visual way it can change from second to second which enhances the scene no matter what it is that is happening.

At times it feels like a very Gothic and Japanese comedy version of Alice in Wonderland.

Even then I don’t think that is what I want to say about the show at all.

This week the spirit is a one and done fun rumour abusing tree. He used the power of the rumours to try and spread happiness by having whoever confuses their love to someone fall in love and want to be a couple. This led to two boys forming a couple as well as half of Yashiro’s class that is until Hanako sorts it out.

One reason the Tree was a one and done was because it really was there as a setup for the new story involving Yashiro and Hanako.

It was her building up anticipation after the kiss that Hanako had feelings for her and getting her hopes up that he wanted to confess under the tree that finally kind of let her open up a little and for him to show a softer side which ultimate leads to her realising she’s never tried to find out just who he is.

So that is what she’s going to do by trying to visit the Fifth School Wonder “The 4 o’clock Library.”

On the other side of things it turns out that Kou Minamoto is brothers with Teru Minamoto, you know the guy that Yashiro was crushing over in the first episode, so Teru is totally aware of Hanako’s presence and gives us a indication on what it is that Kou is doing. Of course we kind of knew that he was trying to rid the world of Hanako but in general his job is to get rid of all the Wonders but it looks like after seeing what it is that Hanako does he can’t really bring himself to do it.

It was a out of the blue moment between a character I kind of really like and one that I had kind of forgotten about but it was a really good moment all the same.

Plus the two people who were spying on Yashiro were in the episode. The girl was the one that told Yashiro to visit the Fifth Wonder to learn about Hanako whilst by the end of the episode Hanako had appeared to them anyway. Whatever it is they want we’ll have to wait next week to find out but it was interesting that he went to them meaning he can’t see them as a threat.

Another great episode nothing more needs to be said.

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