The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : Opal of Encounters

Episode 5

Meguriau Opāru” (巡りあうオパール)

We return to the weird world where a well spoken, mild mannered Jeweler has befriended a overly friendly and outspoken local and tries to teach him and his clients about various jewels whilst also trying to sort out the weekly problem brought to him by his client.

This series is nice.

No really, I have enjoyed every episode so far but I am left constantly with a feeling that I’m missing something. They are light, they have a beginning, a middle and the biggest problem is whilst they end they never end with any kind of satisfaction.

One of these reasons pretty much comes down to the fact that every single story is basically told to us by one person as either Richard wiggles about with clever word play to find out more about his client or Seigi sticks his size 9s in and gets overly involved. The other though is purely because the motivations and conclusions of each story aren’t that great?

A boys dad takes his cat for a good reason and doesn’t bother to tell him and wonders why the boy gets upset?

To us a perfectly normal looking woman wants to buy a ring to make herself feel better after her boyfriend left her for a younger woman and we’re meant to care that she decides against it?

This week I didn’t even get what the point of it was other then to be a learning curve for Seigi.

Just Seigi isn’t that interesting of a character.

Or maybe that is mean to Seigi. He’s nice, he wants to do what is right and that is born from the fact that his grandmother who seems to have a bigger hand in raising him and forming his moral background had such a troubled past that he learnt from it and formed a very strong moral compass.

He’s kind, a little nosy and overly helpful.

All he wants to do is help people which is the only reason he has this job in the first place.

Whilst the show doesn’t outright say that any of this is a bad thing they put him in these strange positions and then emphasis one of his over qualities to a ridiculous over the top nature until it becomes a problem.

This episode was meant to be the breaking point as his trust in his Senpai was broken when he learnt that he was basically stealing from a old woman who didn’t know what she was doing for who knows what reason. By the end of the episode he says it is for his family but by then we’ve had so many stories it is hard to tell what is right or wrong with him.

After lasts weeks lesson of work place harassment with Seigi being put in place for constantly gushing about how pretty Richard is this week he learns that… I don’t really know what.

That people aren’t always good?

That he shouldn’t pry in other people’s business?

Richard isn’t a compelling character, the clients are interesting until their story gets told then they are forgettable mainly because their stories are usually pretty bland and whilst Seigi isn’t the saviour of the show in any way he is the only one with any true character or any kind of charisma that will make people care about him but he’s constantly put in this place as being the dumb one who is being a busy body and needs to stop.

Just he cares and that isn’t a bad quality.

He is also the only reason why half these stories have actual stories.

All that being said I still enjoy it and these problems only come to light every week when that sense of missing something hits you. It is a pretty enough anime and keeps your attention throughout but it isn’t anything to get excited about either.

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