Kynseed Initial Reactions

Another Early Access game, I brought Kynseed from Steam for the potential of the game and exactly what it is the developers hope to do with it.

Is it worth buying now or waiting for it?


As a game it is pretty good as is, you don’t need all the very ambitious bits and pieces the team want to add to it for this to be a pretty complete game all on its own.

That being said I personally didn’t get the enjoyment out of it I was hoping for and that might change but it won’t just by adding things on. This game isn’t enjoyable for me on the basic game play level which is really a very big shame.

There are positives but I like to leave them till last so why didn’t I enjoy it?

Sadly I didn’t enjoy it because it fell into the same category as Graveyard Keeper and at some points My Time At Portia. Instead of being fun, chill and allowing me to live my best life in game it became burdensome.

There are small tweaks here and there that will improve a bunch of things that annoyed me but whether the timer is shorter then something like Stardew Valley or the movement is slower and map bigger I just feel I can’t get things done within any decent amount of time. Everything seems so far away, so many characters mean I have no idea who is who or where I’m going to find someone I need for a random quest. Exploring is actually daunting and not fun at all, I feel even riding my pig, and boy how many bonus points do I give it for pig riding, I can’t get to places in a decent amount of time to do anything.

Everything just feels too much. I honestly feel like I’m drowning in space and people which was never a problem in Stardew and not even really for the majority of the time in Portia but very much so was one reason I gave up on Graveyard Keeper which had a story in it that I was much more likely to love.

It is also way too much way too fast with little explanation.

Something super picky is that the text boxes can be very ugly with horrific colours that hurt my eyes which is something I think they are going to change without anyone being picky about it but it looks really cheap and stopped me from paying much attention to the little information dumps they have via books which is usually something I love in games.

As I said above there are just so many characters too. I don’t think I’ve come close to even meeting everyone but I have no way of really getting to know these characters or caring about who is who, they tend to blend in and other then the shop keeper and the blacksmith the rest are just a mess of people that I have a bunch of quests from the quest board for and have no idea where to find them or what they look like. Even having a giant list of characters I can barely comprehend the information I’m looking at. It is so vast which right now just drowns you.

There is so much to do as well.

Isn’t that a good thing though?


It is kind of thrown at you one thing after another and it gets to the point where you are looking at quests and things to do with little idea of where to go to find what you need. Your adopted dad gives you quests every day for the first couple days at least and it gets to the point where you just don’t know what to do next. Not only that but the villagers don’t really care for you much to begin with and clanky interaction options means you will figure this out as you end up talking to them by accident a whole bunch of times when you didn’t want to.

There is just so much going on and they haven’t found a easy way to get all that information to you in one go.

So just to get it out of the way and I’m sorry for people who don’t want to hear it, the reason Stardew Valley was my game of the decade was because it was simple. Now I’m not saying all games slightly similar should be simple but they should look at how they made it easy for people to navigate, get to know people and slowly ease you into the million things the game has to offer and try to at least replicate that.

No not the game play or the small scale of it but the way you slowly have to build from being the new farmer to getting to know people and the lay of the land.

Kynseed right now makes me anxious trying to navigate it and gives me a headache trying to work it out and a game like this shouldn’t do that. No it shouldn’t have to be anything like Stardew and I’m happy that it has its own unique thing going for it but I kind of just want something a little less in your face and rushed right off the bat.

That being said there are many positives that not only make the game fun to play in a way right now but gives you hope that it’ll become something much more fun in the years to come.

For a start it is really beautiful. It has a more stylish art style and is nice to look, much more like the sprites and stuff in Graveyard Keeper then Stardew. You can see all the love that has been put into the characters and the world which is amazing.

Not only that but I love the fact that the point of the game is to create a entire family. The ambition on the project is amazing and they want to have it so you live the life of one character just to jump to another family member when they are gone. The idea of seeing how the world changes around you as you grow old and die is actually pretty interesting and something I really want to support and see come into fruition. It makes the game extremely unique and when finally implemented will make it super interesting to play.

Unlike other games it will mean you can’t afford to get super attached to one character but instead actually have to become attached to the idea of family and bonds which will make it so different from any other game like this.

Plus right now you get to ride a pig.

You heard me there is a pig.

Whilst there is too much going on at the same time some of the stuff they have in the game is super interesting just kind of crammed into a in game week of learning and not explained as well as it could be.

I like the fact for example that you have daily chores to do. The chores and quests are how you make your money so having a few easy things around the farm to do every day that gives you a few coins at least means you are slowly building up some sort of money. It also gives you reason to be around your home and interacting with it and not just there because you have to be.

Like I’ve said that there is too much to do but when it is organised a bit better that will be its biggest positive. Having weekly things to do, daily chores and lots of interactions with characters isn’t a bad thing, just right now it feels daunting but when orgainsed in a less overloadish way it is a game that’ll keep you busy in a good way. Also I guess the more you play it the less daunting it will seem and unlike Graveyard Keeper so far there isn’t something that is going to block your progression other then learning where things are, what days things happen on and who everyone is.

So if you like this kind of game I think it is worth buying. Don’t expect the best game in the world but hope that it can turn into one of the best.

I sound like I moaned about it most of the review but I honestly can see the potential the game has and it isn’t like I’m going to stop playing it just because it is daunting, I mean I have over 70 hours in both My Time in Portia and Graveyard Keeper so I’m not the type to just give in.

That being said it is a long way off being the game I think they want it to be so who knows what is going to happen in the future?

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