Jay & Silent Bob The Reboot (2019)

I was really annoyed that over here in the UK Jay & Silent Bob The Reboot wasn’t given a cinema showing but I was there when it came out to buy it and watch it because boy do I love a good Kevin Smith film.

I really mean that too.

Honestly I struggle to know what to say about this film.

I grew up with Kevin Smith films, I was way too young to watch them but I had a TV in my room and the ability to tune it to Channel 4 which showed films like Dogma quite often in the evening.

The Reboot is what it says it is just it isn’t at all what it says it is.

Whilst the plot is pretty much the same as Strikes Back, on purpose, it dives into Hollywood’s obsession with remaking and rebooting everything as well as how these characters who we’ve known for decades have had to grow up whilst watching Jay get a crash course in parenthood.

Is it the greatest movie Smith has ever made?

Of course not and if you don’t like his movies you will not like this one bit because it felt like a love letter to the series whilst taking the piss out of himself and his creations at the same time which is something I think his fans love about his stuff anyway.

There were scenes nearly literally cut and pasted over where you’ll only be able to tell the difference because of a few reminders that the concept is the same or the actors ages but there was a very touching new story of certain responsibilities and levels of adulthood that maybe we never thought these characters would ever reach.

It actually touched me seeing Jay struggle to keep his daughter Milly, played by Smiths daughter Harley Quinn Smith, in line whilst being a walking contradiction in so many ways but seeing him just automatically go into father gear and actually care was not something I thought I would see. It was nice though because it was a very positive take on someone who maybe doesn’t look like a good father actually proving that all they need is a chance and they might actually be a decent influence on their kid.

Kind of.

Not only that but the entire “Reboot” cast of the kids with Milly were actually pretty amazing all round.

Obviously though for me it was seeing the old guys come back that really made it. Of course it was going to be what I loved because I wanted to see them again. Seeing how Brody, Jason Lee, is still running his comic book store or finding out what Loki, Matt Damon, is up to now and even learning what happened with Holden, Ben Affleck, and Alyssa, Joey Lauren Adams, just makes you happy.

Heck we even had Diedrich Bader back as the same old security guard once more having to chase after Jay and Silent Bob around.

I enjoyed the entire film from the actual story to the nostalgia bits to the random new cameos from famous faces but I have to admit the nostalgia killed me so many times and I don’t even like Chasing Amy but I cried like a big baby when Holden told them they named their kid Amy.

Honestly the beauty of these films are they are just there to be ridiculous and if you like them then usually they just work. They will never be super popular or main stream because the don’t need to be, would it be nicer if more people liked them? For Smith maybe but for fans of the series just seeing these characters get up to mischief is what we want to see and The Reboot does that and more.

As I said I don’t really know what I want to say other then this is probably one of my all time favourite movies and since buying it I’ve watched it countless times and found more and more reasons to love it.

So thank you to Kevin Smith for gifting us another chapter in the lives of Jay and Silent Bob.

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