Infinite Dendrogram : La Porte de l’Enfer

Episode 5

Jigoku mon” (地獄門)

This weeks episode introduces new characters as well as a new and extremely twisted plot.

Last week felt very middle of the road and if there is anything you can say about this episode it is that it very much wasn’t middle of the road.

Still the interactions between Ray and pretty much every character is bland as hell, whilst Rook was pretty interesting on his own and now Hugo is pretty impressive on his own there still is no chemistry between Ray and anyone that he’s interacting with which is going to make this entire “Masters with Maidens feel the games are real” stuff so much less impactful then it could.

Enter the saving grace right now.

This week sees another quest activated for Ray by request of a Tian who is in need of him saving their sibling.

Whereas before it was just a lost wandering kid that got stuck in a dangerous area on purpose this time out it is a gang of tians that are taking children, eating them and then the boss is turning them into zombies.

Pretty heavy stuff for a anime that has been kind of just bobbing along on the surface for five weeks.

The story is only really starting with most of this episode putting the pawns into place. We had to have the aftermath of Ray with his ears, we saw how unlucky he is as well as how he managed to skip some basic skills as well as obviously having to be introduced to Hugo and Cyco.

It only really heated up when Hugo started to fight the giant centaur that was sent out to kill him and then ended on a chilling note.

Again it is nothing to write home about but at the same time it was a much better episode then last week. No episode of this show has been poor they have just been kind of average but this story looks like it’ll live up to the expectations I kind of had at the end of the first episode.

I don’t know if it is just slow dialogue or Ray is just such a blank main protagonist but at the moment he is pretty much the biggest negative the show has.

If anything the skills he has seem really random and badly explained, his gear thrown together and out of place and his motivations whilst clear now seem to have to have a real meaning when in actual fact he’s just a nice person.

None of that is a weakness though other then the blank character and hidden meanings to his actions, the middle chunk of that is actually basically what playing a MMO/RPG is like so big credit for them bringing that side of it all to life.

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