The Anxiety Experiment #8 : Stardew Valley Random Nothing with my Main

We’re back!

There was even a dinosaur!

Yes after yesterday’s announcement from Amanda I could hardly NOT stream today so we came back and there is a whole bunch to tell you!

Also because I am going to stream more often please feel free to follow us on Twitch to know when we go live. We’d love to have some people in the chat at some point and have a whole bunch of games ready to play!

So the stream isn’t the best, I was kind of unprepared after having the idea of streaming a different game to tie in with a review coming out on Saturday. This farm doesn’t have much more work left to do, I’m basically making it pretty and finishing off achievements that I’ve never got before so I was at a bit of a loss at what to say or what to even do.

Then again this was the first time that I just sat down and started the stream.

No longer did I have to wait 10 minutes or so, I didn’t hide that I was online anywhere and even tweeted out that I was live. I would have posted on here too if it wasn’t for the fact that I got home late and basically plonked my butt on my chair and started to stream.

Or I did when I realised the other game was a no go and started on something else.

We didn’t have anyone in chat again but I actually got, by the looks of them, three actual viewers lurking. One for the majority of the stream. I also managed to get three followers, OK two of them were my friends but it is still something.

I really want to try hard to stream more, I might hopefully be getting another day off during the week that I can utilize to stream longer games like Danganronpa whilst I might look into doing some shorter games or more chill games on days that I finish later. Not really going for a schedule anytime soon as I’m still on a changing rota so it isn’t like I’m going to have any kind of set day that I CAN do this or CAN do that but we’ll hopefully aim to have, in the future, one set long stream day.

Also this was the first time I streamed with perfect volume for myself.

Also really buckling down and thinking about saving for a proper Desktop computer as well as changing to a different internet provider.

Talk to us!

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