Plunderer : Don’t Apologise, Apologise

Episode 5

We’ve waited a week for the big show down between Licht and Jail. Who will come out on top?

No one does but that mainly is because Lynn does.

We’re in one of those weird positions where it is hard to tell who exactly are the bad guys and who are the good guys.

Jail in this episode came over as more the bad guy but he’s a military guy and whilst his attention was focused razor sharp on Licht I think he lost focus on other things which in turn ended up with him insulting Lynn and learning a valuable lesson.

When Lynn nearly died he didn’t wait until Licht tried to save her but instead stopped the fight first to try and save her, it just so happens that Licht’s skill is speed so he got there first. After all this and Licht getting away the fact he would give up three days of chasing him to help with the building of the park in ways of apologising shows that he isn’t that much of a bad guy.

Plus his questions thrown at Licht also show that he’s just doing his job and whilst he might not know the full reason for his orders he’ll follow them because that is what a military man does.

It also looks like Licht was a military man so he’ll understand that.

This episode was much more on the sensible side as much as it could be. There were still great moments like Licht just knowing that he was never in trouble so not taking much that Jail was saying seriously and also finding time to be upset over insults thrown at him as well as Lynn constantly calling Licht Pudding.

Most of the episode as taken up by the fight which was a feast for the eyes.

Jail’s ability is ridiculous to watch and also super fun in its own way with him shooting out the iron poles. I like the exchange when Licht jumped into the air and Jail realised that he was jumping so couldn’t dodge properly, the ending when he got Licht was pretty cool and actually unexpected.

As for the fight of power nearer the end that ended with Lynn nearly dying that is a battle I really wish we get to see the end of.

If Jail really has a much high number count then Licht I kind of want to know why it looks like Licht is still so much stronger then Jail. I don’t get the numbers thing still and I don’t get how it is linked to fighting skill or anything else. There is a part of me that kind of wants Jail to be stronger mainly because I just think it would be cool to have a guy who is stronger because of his convictions but at the same time it makes sense that Licht being a Ace would be stronger.

By the end of the series I’m hoping that we have a real serious episode with Licht much like the second one because there is so much to learn about him and his character isn’t the clown he comes over as most of the time.

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