Pet : Locks

Episode 5

Kagi” ()

With Hayashi taking the center stage it is time to learn what his relationship to Tsukasa is as well as maybe just what is up with Tsukasa in the first place!

I was kind of right too.

Hayashi shared Tsukasa his peak and that seems to be one of the most intimate things a human can do. To Tsukasa and probably Satoru, Hayashi is like a father to them and he didn’t just share his peak but actually looked after both too.

Unfortunately when Satoru showed up Tsukasa was pushed out and that has left Tsukasa with some daddy issues. Directed at Hayashi.

We kind of got a bit of a low down on some of the big moments of Tsukasa’s life as well as a insight into what it is he’s planning on doing but nothing real substantial and it looks like we’re in for a fight through his mind, or maybe Hayashi’s and Tsukasa is just playing with him, next episode which would be a interesting match up seeing that Hayashi seemingly is the most experienced person at doing things like this.

On the other side of the episode Satoru was introduced to a woman who looks like she also had the same experience with Hayashi who tells him the history of not only the company, which as you can guess was steeped in blood, but of Hayashi’s place in that roll and offers Satoru a job as a employee of the Company.

So in a way this episode gave us a lot of information but whilst it felt like we got it some kind of context for it I don’t feel we really did.

Hayashi and Katsuragi seem to have been part of this Company since it began. Pets themselves seem to be just what they sound like, people that the higher ups can use but shouldn’t have their own personality or anything else. Hayashi tells his story one way, the woman talking to Satoru tells it a different way, we know that the Company isn’t a good thing but we’re basing Hayashi being a good person on the fact that he is against the Company NOW but is that because of Satoru and this girl that he apparently helped but never showed how to make a Lock or is it because what the woman is saying is incorrect?

When you think you know what is happening Pet comes along and changes your entire perspective of the show.

That being said this week was one of the best episodes so far. Mainly because it gave you that look into the actual Company as well as the relationships and bonds. It was very wordy and I did get extremely lost quite often with what they were trying to say but overall it gave us a lot of groundwork to start to understand.

I don’t think Hayashi is going to come out of this alive and with Tsukasa threatening Satoru if Hayashi doesn’t do as he’s told that seems the most likely situation but within this one episode it made me actually feel super sad for Tsukasa and what he had to go through and the feelings he must have had being tossed aside for Satoru after being saved by Hayashi. Add that to the feelings Hiroki has and you can kind of come to the understanding of how bad this is for these characters and how being separated from someone who saved them must feel.

It just sounds like a sad situation that those at the top have created and those underneath are left trying to deal with.

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