Inside No 9 : The Referee’s a W***er

Episode 1

Inside No. 9 is back with their fifth season. If you don’t know what this show is then buckle up for the ride of your life. Don’t worry if you have never seen a single episode before either as every episode is its own unique experience that starts and ends in that single episode.

So hop on bored for the Referee’s a W***ker!

As always it is hard to talk about this show without spoiling the end a little  so spoilers ahead!

Admittedly a bit of this episode was lost to me because I have very little interest in Football but in its own unique way it really worked.

It is the story, if you can’t guess, of the officials of a football match. Not just any match though the one that will see the team they are reffing for go from one league into another as long as they win.

David Morrissey is the main ref on the eve of his retirement and comes over as being a complete busy body throughout the episode. As the character was played by Morrissey you couldn’t help but think that actually he was going to be the main villain of the piece because, well, Morrissey does it so well but he came over as sympathetic and in some cases sad during the episode.

At first you don’t really know where the episode is going to go, not so much in the normal sense but just in the “what can be so interesting about a football match?” kind of way.

Like all Inside No. 9 episodes it throws you a few red herrings which kind of end up being tied to the main story, kind of lead you off in the wrong direction but all that end in explosive moments including the teams mascot getting involved and the Captain of the side who is also having a affair with Morrissey character punching Ralf Little’s character in the face.

Still through it all you kind of wonder “but what is the point?”

Where I loved this episode is that like all Inside No. 9 episodes it was all intricately crafted so that when you look back at all the tiny little details you can see how you go from whatever it was you thought was happening to whatever it was that did happen.

In this case Morrissey’s character had crafted his way through this twisty story to make it so his actual team would be promoted.

Everything from a betting scandal to a sex scandal was all put into place so that he could be the deciding factor on whether City stayed in the league that they are currently in or go up a league.

I loved how everything came together like it always does, again it was lost on me though because football isn’t something I can relate to, but it was interesting to see it then go back and re-watch the episode and piece together all the tiny little things that the character had put into place to end up where they ended up.

Not only that but once again it was a small cast of amazing characters mainly brought to life by Morrissey, Shearsmith, Pemberton and Little.

It felt like they spent so long trying to make the young and ambitious Little the villain that you just felt more and more sorry for Morrissey who was leaving the life he had always led, was in love with someone he couldn’t be in love with and who was trying to do the right thing when all of that was a lie and I fell for it too even though I KNEW in my heart that Morrissey would be the bad guy.

Even though I didn’t get it it was still such a fantastic episode that I can’t even believe that they are managing to better everything that came before it.

Inside No. 9 never gets boring or repetitive and with unique faces every episode with very interesting characters to get to know you can’t help but get excited for the rest of the series.

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