BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense : Defense and Spoils of War

Episode 5

Bōgyo Tokka to Senri hin.” (防御特化と戦利品。)

We ended the last episode off with a challenger approaching but did the girls lose their medals or did they in fact gain some?

Obviously being the cutest and most wholesome gaming experience you can have they managed to keep hold of them and instead managed to gain a friend.

And enough medals for them to get new skills including turning Syrup giant and floating.

It did a lot to help us explore the world a little whilst skipping through so many interesting things that the girls went through, the point was for us to SEE that they had these adventures and how fun they themselves see these things, being the OP team from hell, instead of actually witnessing it ourselves and by and large it did its job.

That being said the world still feels terrible small and they are on the second level of it because they never stay in the same place for long or adventures are more sped over.

It feeling small isn’t a bit deal, the focus here is on the characters not the area, it is just a sad part of the story that we don’t really feel like we’re going on adventures at all which makes sentiments like “yay we had so much fun it was brilliant” a bit redundant in the end.

Would kind of like to see a proper adventure rather then being told it was fun afterwards.

Then again this is the stereotypical story of the adventure we really had are the friends we made along the way and friends indeed they made, specially with Kasumi the girl that attacked them at the end of the last episode. After being chained together and witnessing the wholesome happiness of Maple she apologises for attacking them and instead becomes friends and even is protected by Maple and her poison in the closing stages of the event hidden in a cave system with them.

Not that this episode didn’t have action in it, once again Maple and Sally defeated a OP boss and left the game devs, if that is what they are, at a total loss at what to do with her.

Beginners luck?

Or maybe just looking at the game with innocent eyes, either way she’s slowly becoming a pain in many people’s backside.

With another event done though it is time to move on and whatever it is they move onto it’ll be with a flying giant turtle so we have that to look forward to.

This episode was just as good as any other episode but it lacked that spark that usually makes the series especially good. There was something muted about it and kind of designed in a way to just get this over with before they move on. It was like the introduction to Kasumi wasn’t important enough to last a entire episode and none of the other parts of the episode were that important either so they played it in fast forward so we got the general jist of it all without having to spend a entire episode on it.

Which is fine.

Still the cutest thing out there.

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