ID : Invaded : Circled

Episode 6

This episode will give us the reasons behind the Gravedigger as she and he have finally been caught.

I don’t know how I really feel about the Gravedigger thing.

On one hand I found the twist that Inami was the mastermind using Haruka really interesting but I don’t know if I was hoping that she’d just be a cold blooded sadist or whether I’m happy that it ended up giving us a great reason for why Inami is the way she is.

Her Well was probably one of the most heartbreaking ones so far.

It turns out her mother jumped in front of a train that she was on and her Well is just her on the train with Haruka. Trapped. Reliving the moment when a train ran over her mum in a every lasting loop.

This is why this show is so interesting to me.

Getting inside the head of these killers is amazing, you aren’t just having people talk at you about why they do something you are inside their head seeing the pain, destruction and agony they are actually in. Instead of being just told why and having to take things with a pinch of salt you can see how they see the world, what drives them to be who they are and that is just so interesting.

It makes you wish that was real life tech.

Whilst that was all amazing and my contradicting feelings for it make it even better in a way the episode was really the final nail in a sad coffin for Hondomachi though I don’t think she knows it yet.

She is a brilliant detective unfortunately the way she is makes her perfect for something like jumping into the Wells.

This leads Matsuoka to put her in for a transfer to be a brilliant detective.

Why this is sad is because of how he explained why he did it. We all know that Hondomachi wants to do it because it is a exciting way of helping solve crimes and she is intelligent and switched on enough to use it and has her heart in the right place.

Matsuoka sees it differently.

Whilst he knows all of the above is true he also has seen a side to her that I hadn’t considered. She runs into trouble, she can think like a killer, her reaction to killing Haruka was happiness that she got a match to Inami’s motives and therefore a Well would be able to be formed. She might not see her actions in the way that Matsuoka does but Matsuoka also knew Narihisago and if he can see worrying signs then they must be there.

I can’t wait to see what she does as the brilliant detective though and just to watch her grow as a character. It was such a beautifully chilling scene watching Matsuoka explain why he transferred her to keep him and his coworkers safe.

Honestly wonder where they are going with her now.

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