Dorohedoro : Roast Duck With Magic User Sauce // Formal Attire Requested // Another Year in the Hole

Episode 4

Kamo no rōsuto mahōtsukai soe” (鴨のロースト魔法使い添え) //Budōkai he wa seisō de okoshi kudasaimase” (舞踏会へは正装でおこし下さいませ) //Yuku toshi kuru toshi in hōru” (ゆく年くる年 in ホール)

Another week in the Hole following around Caiman, Nikaido and the crazy Sorcerer’s trying to kill them both. What a series we have here.

I liked that the majority of this episode was centered around En and his group trying to find ways to defeat Caiman.

En himself was developed so much more in this episode, knowing that he’s looking for a partner as well as his love for the dog creature they found at the party was fun but seeing him with the main group more and not really putting himself over all of them was actually really strange.

In a way for most of this episode it was easy to forget that they are indeed apparently the bad guys, specially when we went to the last third and saw the wall of masks of Sorcerers that Caiman had killed.

This group is just made up of such ridiculously cute characters which is a weird thing to say when they are murderers and this show should never have the word cute used for it but just think of that reaction when Shin had to “make” a doll so picked Noi and then had to put his mask on before facing the real Noi because he was blushing, or those two fools stuffing their face at the party or anything that has Ebisu and Fujita together.

They are like a group of absolute dorks but are also the most terrifying bunch of dorks.

It is that clash of styles though that I really enjoy. The fact that it is such a grim looking show and the animation is mesmerizing but when you strip that around the entire show is made up of really silly characters who act really silly.

Also has anyone else noticed that Shin and Noi kind of look like Caiman and Nikaido or is it just me?

So the Sorcerers are slowly becoming my favourite part of this show but there is something to be said about Caiman and Nikaido’s relationship.

He’s such a delightfully dumb character and the pain she’s obviously feeling having to hide who she is from him is just really sad at the moment. That whole conversation about whether she would go through the door to the Sorcerers world with him was actually really hard to watch and seeing her try and tell him but then him getting distracted by the snow was also really sad.

Then again by the looks of it Caiman originally was a Sorcerer himself.

Ens group make a living doll of his former self and that takes them back to a place where basically failed weak Sorcerers go so whoever Caiman is probably isn’t too far from Nikaido anyway.

I do not know if I love this show more for the gruesome animation or the crazy characters but it is a great way to start the week.

Also that party with the corpses hanging from the ceiling and the flies everywhere and them keeping that buzzing fly sound. That was one of the most disgusting things ever and I loved it.

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