Anime Highlights Week 55

27th January – 2nd February 2020

So here we are, another week and another load of Anime cut down into bite sized chunks of things I liked and things I don’t like.

Kind of.

Not really.


Comic Relief

I’m not saying that Dorohedoro isn’t a comedy show because there are plenty of funny moments in the show. Heck Caiman is one of the most entertaining parts of the entire episode every week.

That being said the duo of Ebisu and Fujita really stole the show this week with Ebisu still traumatized after losing her face. This week she is turned into a zombie and I don’t know how they managed to make that a running gag that just worked so well but watching Fujita work tirelessly to keep her out of trouble just had me laughing the entire episode.

Perfect Balanced Teams

Bofuri wins some mega points by not just having Maple be the OP part of a two man team and instead balances them out with Sally just as important a part of the group as Maple.

Why is that important?

For me it is because too often the main character is super OP and it just makes things boring. Games are fun with friends when you work together and if Maple was just super over powered and Sally was riding her coat tails it wouldn’t be as nice and sweet as it is. Bofuri on the other hand makes all the characters in a episode just as important as each other so even when people associate everything with being about Maple we see that she wouldn’t be able to do these things if she didn’t have Sally with her now.

I mean she would because the episode would just be written differently but you know what I mean.

The most unrealistic thing this week?


I love playing video games and I would love to find a decent time to play them with some of my friends but someone is always at work, someone is always busy and I’m too tired to even play something like Stardew Valley half the time so how people find the time to play all these VR games I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong I get Bofuri a little bit, they are in school and friends anyway but Infinite Dendrogram? The fact that three people of maybe various ages but that don’t know each other in reality being able to just so happen to make plans at short notice?

Magia Monsters?

For Magia Record this week introduced the girls being able to summon Monsters/Witches yet being able to escape that and return to normal afterwards.

I have to admit I don’t know if Kaede actually hurt her friends or if she was able to protect them but both her and Iroha were able to bring forth one of these monsters and I have to admit they were pretty bloody cool.

That aesthetic of the creepy mask like face with just holes for eyes and a mouth is one of my favourites and I love that it is being incorporated into the show like this. Sure we don’t know what is going on and this probably isn’t a good thing but it could also turn out to be a cool thing in the evolution of that world’s Magical Girls.


ID Wells

I know we are 6 episodes in so highlighting the ID Wells in ID : Invaded seems a bit pointless at this time but I really loved this weeks Well and I thought it was worth pointing out just how good they really are.

This week was the conclusion of the Gravedigger story. We’ve already jumped into two other Wells to get to the actual mastermind behind the crimes and it is honestly just kind of nice to see how different they all are and how they really reflect the world that the person you are inside sees.

For example the copycat’s Well was all fire and death due to his actual actions in reality.

Haruka who was compromised in some ways and doing it out of love for someone who kept him at arms distance was just that, him trying to hold on to something that he was never allowed close to.

Then we had the mastermind Inami who was stuck in a endless loop of the moment a train killed her mother.

These Wells don’t just explain why people do things in a better way then they probably would but it lets us actually see behind the eyes of the killers.

Of course in reality we don’t know what it going on inside people’s heads. We fight our own battles but it is all words and pictures that we conjure up. I personally would hate to see the state of my Well which would be a emotional pit of despair at this point. It makes you wish that you could though.

Think if technology reached a point where you could go into someone’s mind the way they do and figure out what is going wrong?

That would be lovely.

Teach me lots please!

I love shows  that actually give you actual information about the subjects they cover.

Jeweler Richard does this week in week out with insightful information on the gems being featured but this week Smile Down the Runway also did that with Tsumura telling us a little about what he was doing when trying to make the shirt and the other designers being able to tell him why he was going wrong.

Even Asteroid in Love tends to give us a little information on bits and bobs during the episode as the girls come face to face with something they love that the other half of the group doesn’t know about.

I just really enjoy being taught something.


Sometimes I find it hard to put into words my feelings about Destructive God.

I mean can you blame me?

The show is a crazy mess and whilst it isn’t hitting any kind of high and just kind of exists in my weekly planner there is a underlying story of friendship that kind of gets lost.

Hanadori and Tsukimiya are obviously extremely over the top characters but at the heart of the show you have two people who are trying their hardest to befriend Seri, a guy who has no friends and bad grades, and make him come out of his shell.

Even if he comes over as doing it for the wrong reasons or having bad ideas on purpose Tsukimiya in this episode really did do his best to get Seri in a position where he could talk to Kotoko about what happened when he screamed at her, he even stuck up for Seri to Kotoko’s over protective friend and even though him and Hanadori had done nothing wrong he let some of the blame be put on him for Seri shouting at her in the first place.

If Tsukimiya was really that bad of a person he wouldn’t have gone to that trouble and in fact would have made it worse for Seri.

As for Hanadori he has never EVER done anything to make him look like a bad person.

His personality is over the top and yeah sure is a little destructive but it comes over as a kid who isn’t that popular, a little on the clumsy side who doesn’t like group activities much because he’s lonely hiding behind a mask that makes him feel safe.

How many people on TV or YouTube or anywhere else do you think actually act the way they do when they are “on”?

Recently I’ve seen a bunch of YouTubers kind of have to remind fans that they don’t really know them. That what they see even in 5 hour long streams on Twitch doesn’t necessarily show them the entirety of who that person is and the reason they had to do that was because their public face dropped for a second and their actual humour or use of bad language came out and shocked fans.

Why am I bringing this up?

That is basically the same as Hanadori on a overly high scale.

He has put a mask on to cope with life and made this ridiculous back story up so that he feels safe in the world around him and the only reason he really is on Seri’s case all the time is because he knows that Seri is lonely too and he wants him to have friends but he can’t interact with people outside of this mask that he wears.

Equating it to a very real thing that I have to do just to survive, trust me no one who knows me in real life know the real me because I can’t interact if I don’t put on a mask, shows that whilst the show is a chaotic mess and Hanadori’s personality is whacked up to a million HE IS A VERY REAL AND LOVELY PERSON.

These things happen and Seri is just a lonely kid who doesn’t realise right now that he might have some of the best friends he’ll ever have.

John Walker

Another random thing I guess we’ll have to mention that I didn’t in the review is how badly this John Walker plot is being stuffed into ID : Invaded.

Walker is a mysterious bad guy who is mysteriously showing up in a bunch of serial killers ID Wells for no real reason. He was forgotten for a few episode and brought back in force for these last few which… You know… Hasn’t really added to anything honestly.

Right now it is just a random stupid thing that I don’t like being stuck into every episode but at the same time it could end up being a super cool end boss for the team to work towards finding so who knows.


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