Smile Down the Runway : Young Talents

Episode 4

Wakaki sainō tachi” (若き才能たち)

We focus more on Tsumura and his family life which is a good turn for the show seeing that Chiyuki is becoming a stereotype of everything I kind of hate about “fashion”.

I’ve never really felt that Tsumura wouldn’t be a interesting character to focus on and this showed that away from Chiyuki he can actually be a good character.

His relationship with Hazime is pretty electric and away from the fashion show Hazime has calmed down and we get to see a different side to him. He is still abrasive plus you get the idea he isn’t the best person to work for but he see’s the potential in Tsumura as does the new character Toh who is the grandson of some famous designer and wants to take Tsumura to help him build his own brand in the future.

Toh and Kokoro both seem like great additions to the show. Both have their own stories and unique way of going about things and whilst they are both older then Tsumura they don’t look down on him at all.

In fact it is the relationship with him and Toh I might be most interested in.

Like Hazime it seems Toh is able to notice that Tsumura just has the eye for fashion, he noticed when Toh took a ribbon off the back of someone’s dress even though he would have never seen the ribbon and whilst he is inexperienced with the materials they are currently using to make a shirt in mass production for Hazime’s big break he still manages to pretty much see what is meant to be done and just needs the experience with the material before he can do it.

This all means that there will probably be a very good opportunity to see Tsumura grow not only under the glaring eye and whips of Hazime but through a growing respect from Toh.

That was only half the episode though.

I really liked that we got to see more of Tsumura’s family life, seeing that his sisters feel the pressures that he does and don’t like that he want’s to give up his dream so they can follow theirs. It was nice that they ended up actually realising that he’s now working with a fashion designer and that their love helped him realise what it was he wants to do with his life.

That being make clothes that make people smile.

This in itself was a nice breath of fresh air, instead of having to have a similar goal to Chiyuki he has his own goal and whilst I guess he’ll want to design something for her to go to Paris with it isn’t like he’s just following the herd. He has a dream and it is unique to him and his story and really works well in my opinion.

Plus I just love Hazime.

One thing this episode did better then any other was interest me in the actual design process.

Like series like Jeweler Richard, a little of Asteroid in Love and of course ones like Daki Machi and After School Dice Club it had a distinct feeling of actually trying to teach the audience a little about what it was talking about. Instead of just having things happen Tsumura explained them in his head and the other characters added the information we needed because unfortunately he doesn’t have all the answers yet.

It is also nice to see Tsumura not just be talented and need to learn and willing to do so. He doesn’t think he’s super skilled and therefore just is he knows he needs to learn and therefore learn he does.

Take away the over the top Chiyuki stuff and this show is actually pretty sweet and it was worth waiting for a episode like this that really highlighted the good points of the show.

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