Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : There’s No Place for You Here

Episode 5

Anata ga Wattehairu Sukima Nante Nain desu yo?” (あなたが割って入る隙間なんてないんですよ?)

After entering the Seance Shrine both Iroha and Yachiyo come face to face with those they have loved and lost but are they the real Ui and Mafuyu?

Obviously the answer is no but that isn’t really the big part of this episode.

In fact the bigger part of this episode was kind of hidden at the back end of the episode and the after credit scene and was much more interesting then anything involving Yachiyo not being able to tell if the thing stood before her was the real Mafuyu or not.

That is the fact that these Magical Girls are suddenly able to produce Witch levels of Monsters to help defeat Monsters/Witches.

Does that make any sense?

At this point no and this episode was much more about introducing that plot point and not really expand on anything.

When Iroha turned I was really worried that as a character she was done for. It wouldn’t surprise me if this show had got rid of a major character at pretty much the midway point but Mami shows up and basically frees her from the monster and the post credit scene see’s Kaede not only summoning one but being able to escape from it herself.

Not only that but Mami also introduces a new rumour, that of a Magical Girl bringing Witches to Kamihama to round them up for herself, a role she’s determined is Yachiyo’s.

I have to admit I wasn’t interested at all in the beginning of the show with the whole Mafuyu stuff and did get distracted so might have missed important information but the second half really picked up the actual story I cared for and things looks like it is getting interesting.

It isn’t really a surprise to think someone is trying to round up Witches in Kamihama and that might be why Rumours are basically coming alive there too.

Honestly also can’t blame Mami for thinking if any Magical Girl is going to be rounding up Witches it’ll be Yachiyo, she’s so angry at the world right now that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is her too. That being said it is just a idea floating around at the moment and it’ll be interesting to see where that story actually leads.

For me the Monsters being summoned was the most fascinating part of the episode.

They were so weird looking and it basically looked like the girls were being turned into Witches, their Soul Gems were being at risk and they were scared. Maybe this is also the power of the Rumours? Maybe they are on the brink of becoming Witches but somehow are able to come back?

It adds a really cool new mechanic to the show.

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