Koisuru Asteroid //Asteroid in Love : Everyone’s Summer Break

Episode 5

Sorezore no Natsuyasumi” (それぞれの夏休み)

We are still on Summer Break and it is time for a much more relaxed episode.


It starts out that way with Suzu getting jealous of Mira and Ao getting ever closer together which isn’t really that surprising seeing Suzu can’t join a school club because she’s too busy to do it so of course Mira is going to end up filling her time with other friends.

That being said it was a cute beginning to the episode showing off Suzu who doesn’t always get much time to just be herself and instead has to be there for a punchline or to make a story for the others. I really liked seeing the different groupings in this episode too, this show is never too scared of grouping up the characters in the strangest of ways which makes me very happy honestly.

Plus more Suzu and Inose is never a bad thing.

This episode also showed how both sides of he Earth Science club are really coming together.

Mira takes a much bigger interest in rocks and geology even being the only person to go to a mineral show with Mikage whilst they come together to make a cafe (not a maid one though) for the Festival this year.

One thing I guess I don’t really get about Mikage in this episode is that whilst I can understand she wants their Festival thing to have facts and some semblance of being a club about Earth Science she gets put down really easily. They were looking into the boring (making holes in the ground to survey them) of the school but of course the samples are long gone and all the information is going to be paperwork.

That in itself doesn’t mean it’ll be a boring centerpiece and it was sad that they didn’t have Mikage actually come up with a interesting way of showing that off.

I mean she might still but in this episode she didn’t.

That is still the one missing piece of this show. As cute as it gets and as fun as it is we are missing that little connection to everyone and Mikage and whilst it was nice to see them all stand up and say they are interested in whatever it is she figures out for the Festival it just would be nice if at some point they were all actually able to come together and Mikage not feel like the outsider.

Maybe we’ll get that at the Festival?

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