Kabukicho Sherlock : Michael and the Stupid Book

Episode 16

Missheru to aho bon” (ミッシェルとあほぼん)

At this point in the series I never thought they would have a story about Michael but here we are, a story about Michael.

It was nice learning about his past and his daughter, it was obvious that is wasn’t going to be the happiest of stories but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Was also nice that in some ways he was able to make up a little for the pain he caused her as a kid.

Michael is a interesting character in that he’s been in the background as the only true detective all series. He’s had a few cases that he’s worked with them but he rarely stands out. He has never been as interesting as the others and doesn’t have a over the top personality trait like them either so when it got to everyone else having stories about them and never one about Michael I just thought he was always going to be the straight guy of the series.

He stays that way too.

Nothing about this episode really made him super interesting or gave him a personality that jumps off the screen. In a show with such ridiculous characters he’s basically the only one that just acts normal and this episode, along with a few good gags, was pretty much the most normal it could be.

Him having a gambling addiction and having put his families lives in danger is a pretty stereotypical story to tell but it was told in a half decent way and because it came out only to help save his daughter who was being blamed for a crime she didn’t commit it didn’t overshadow the actual crime or criminal himself like the others stories kind of had to.

It was a very Michael episode.

Not only that but this episode is the episode that Moriarty and his abusers in prison all escape.

What that means for the future of this series I don’t know but it was nice to see him back in the post-credit scene with the rest of them. I can’t see them all being super happy he’s there,, well that is wrong they’ll be happy but I think they’ll want him to go back because they won’t want anything worse happening to him as a escaped criminal.

Really liked the episode, this series doesn’t have to have serious stories or even a over hanging story to make it really good. The bad guy was funny, the normal characters were their normal giant selves and the story itself was fun to watch.

From being totally lost at what I was watching to actually really rating this as one of the best anime shows in the last year or so it is a crazy ride but one worth taking.

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