In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : Idol Dies by Steel Beam

Episode 4

Aidoru wa tekkotsu ni shisu” (アイドルは鉄骨に死す)

It seems we’ve come to the middle bit of a important story.

Not that of the Idol that died via Steel Beam but that of how three individual’s are gonna maybe become some sort of trio. Maybe unfortunately a love triangle of some sort?

That is because the majority of this episode was about Saki trying to figure out the cause of Nanase, the Idol, becoming a specter that would want to attack people whilst Kotoko kind of does the same. They are going to be brought together because Saki can’t fight Nanase whilst Kotoko can’t get her hands on any kind of information about Nanase’s death.

By the end of the episode Kuro, who had left without telling Kotoko why and told her not to try and find him, shows up fighting Nanase.

I would kind of like the reason he has shown up to be that he loves Saki and wants to win her back but I don’t think it’ll be that. Call me a hopeless romantic but it obviously bummed him out a whole bunch and as much as she is terrified it looks like she still loves him but just can’t get over the fact he isn’t human.

It is a sad predicament but I really kind of want them to fall back in love.

That is for next episode though.

This episode was so interesting. We saw Saki do all this research into who Nanase was and what happened to her leading up to her death including her fathers death and the fact that people believed she had been the one to kill him.

Kotoko adds interesting facts away from Saki, at this point the two have separated, like how it is weird for Nanase not to react to her talking to her and stuff like that but I found the main investigating into who Nanase was so much more interesting.

I promise it isn’t because whilst I like Kotoko I find her too childish at times and it is purely because I just like diving into the history of people in general to find out how they got somewhere and Nanase’s past was pretty interesting.

For me the big question actually is whether Nanase really is dead.

She has a older sister who looks kind of similar and Nanase’s entire face was apparently destroyed in the accident which might account for why she doesn’t have a face as a spirit BUT what if she really did kill her dad so didn’t mind killing her sister to get people off her back. Pretend she’s her sister when the police come knocking and then spread rumours about this evil spirit and that just kind of pops up from that?

Maybe it isn’t even that.

Maybe it just so happens her death started a urban legend that for some reason came alive? Maybe because she had been accused wrongly in life and was bitter about it?

I mean for a Idol she didn’t come over as being a nice person, she was very sure of herself and on the attack very often so it isn’t like it would surprise me if just by sheer force of angry will she really was coming back but it gave me personally a few what ifs to play with which I enjoyed.

By far the best episode of the series so far and I really do love Saki.

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