A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Travel Rock

Episode 4

You know what this show needs more then anything else?


No not really. I mean last week was the week that they added the newest weirdo but we do get a old friend of Hanadori show up in this episode and try and win him back from Seri just Seri wasn’t smart enough to ignore this all and walk away and instead decided to get upset over being told he doesn’t think about Hanadori before finally breaking when Hanadori told him the story of when he overheard him upset and decided to befriend him.

Shikimi isn’t too bad of a character at least even though he seems to believe in the same things as Hanadori he isn’t so over the top.


I enjoyed his tiny bit in the episode but most of the episode was just Seri screaming at Tsukimiya who was trying to help him get back in the good books of Kotoko.

If I had to pick someone other then the Homeroom Teacher as my favourite character it would probably be Tsukimiya.

I’ve said before that he reminds me of my own best friend in that he can kind of read minds and in a playful way pushes his friends towards the goals they really have even if it comes over as tough love and him enjoying the pain they are in.

He had one of the nicest moments this show has had so far when he tried to explain to Kotoko’s friend that Seri isn’t all that bad. Of course it was full of insults but it was a nice moment to try and take the heat off of Seri who was coming over as enemy number 1 after shouting at Kotoko in the other episode.

Most of this episode just showed that point though.

Hanadori in particular just wants to be Seri’s friend and it turns out one of the reasons he wants to be his friend is that he thought that Seri needed a friend.

Of course his personality is over the top and ridiculous and it might be too much at times but Hanadori isn’t the bad guy in any of this. It made me laugh when Tsukimiya said that half the blame of Seri shouting at Kotoko was his own when in actual fact Seri had seem them outside the house seconds earlier and should have known it probably wasn’t them. Both Hanadori and Tsukimiya come over as being overbearing and annoying but in reality they have all season long just tried to be Seri’s friend.

Sometimes friends are annoying.

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