Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun : The Misaki Stairs Part 2

Episode 4

Misaki Kaidan Sono Ni” (ミサキ階段其の二)

We have the second part of the story of the Misaki Stairs. How is No.2 phoning them if she has been cut up?

This story turned out to be sadder then I thought it would.

Personally I kind of thought it was just going to be a spirit thing and that it didn’t matter that she had been cut up because why would it?

What it actually was turned out that the teacher in question was a guy teacher and Mystery No.2 was actually a fox spirit that the teacher had befriended maybe in a effort to stop her from scaring his pupils, it didn’t really go into detail on that one. He would come to the shrine to show her how to read, write and count and even gave her scissors which were her prized possession but then after he fell down the stairs and died she became obsessed with recreating him.

Of course all of this was hidden in the usual humour and ridiculousness of the show but it was kind of really sad.

I like that Yashiro found out the story on her own, OK she was thrown off the side of the world and that was how she found the stuff but it was more interesting having her understand the spirit and even realise that what the spirit was going through was much the same as what she had gone through with all the boyfriend attempts in the first episode. At some points it is nice to have just bad guy bad guys but it is also nice sometimes to have misunderstood bad guys and that is what we got here in a pretty good story.

No.2 was pretty scary in her own way even when you found out her power was turning people into dolls.

I mean lets face it that isn’t really the most scary thing but imagine being stuck as a doll for eternity because a love crazed spirit was trying to recreate a teacher she’d known years ago who had been kind to her?

This was the perfect end to the two part story and I feel like it really payed off well to have it go into another episode.

Learning about the spirits past, the really cool fight and even the small silly bits of humour that they pour into the episode really worked being given breathing space instead of trying to rush something this big into one episode. It was also nice to see the three characters interacting with each other a little bit as all three of them are crazy and just play off each other really well.

Now just for the mystery of the guy that bumped into Yashiro and who the girl with him is plus why are they spying on her?

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