The Case Files of Jeweler Richard : The Fighting Garnet

Episode 4

Tatakau gānetto” (戦うガーネット)

Another week and another look at a new and unique story. We learn lessons, learn about gemstones and get to see lots of fancy desserts.

Compared to last weeks episode this one was much better but I still think it lacked a little structure to the episode.

Yamamoto was a interesting character with another really sad backstory. This time out though her story was actually pretty simple and straight forward.

More importantly it made sense.

I liked that we got to hear her whole story and learn a lesson on how constantly praising someone on their looks might not be the best thing to do. Whilst Seigi waxed lyrical over Richard it hurt Yamamoto who not only doesn’t think she’s beautiful but had just been left by her partner of 7 years for a young pretty girl. Seigi never meant to harm anyone but his words hit deep for Yamamoto who had fabricated a story about getting engaged to make herself feel better when picking out a ring.

In some ways she was very relatable in this time I guess.

She was hurt thinking no one would ever buy her a ring and learnt a valuable lesson by talking to people about it and decided instead of buying a ring that she would work towards being a fighter and not let her set backs get to her. It was interesting learning that garnets are much older then most gems and that the Roman’s used them as charms. Honestly I had never really thought of garnets at all but it just proves all gems have something going for them.

There was also a fun lesson on Diamonds.

My own research on Diamond engagement rings tells me that they were in use before I guess the period that they talked about in this but it does seem that the De Beers Diamond Cartel started to advertise the entire “Diamonds are Forever” thing after figuring out during the Great Depression that people weren’t buying diamond engagement rings yet at the same time the price of diamonds was collapsing.

I never really knew that and honestly would never have even cared if it wasn’t for this show.

That I guess is something that I really like about the show. We learn things from legends about gems to actual facts about them and whilst it doesn’t seem to be as clear cut as the characters make in this it was interesting to find out that the whole marketing line for diamonds was actually pretty true in reality.

As I said the structure of the episodes are a bit of a problem. It isn’t that the characters, stories or things like the fact giving are poor but sometimes it has to change direction quite suddenly just because the stories happen in one room with people talking. Still it is a really delightful show to watch.

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