Star Trek : Picard : Maps and Legends

Episode 2

After a explosive premiere it is time to see how Picard reacts to everything that happened to him in the last episode.

F8 was terrifying.

Let us start with that as that is how the episode started.

At the moment the big story seems to be the Romulans trying their best to destroy all synthetics, it is why they went after Dahj and one of the reasons I’m guessing they are currently working on a abandoned Borg Cube.

Never trust a Romulan obviously.

It feels like there are two sides to this series and I think they need that. Picard so far hasn’t left Earth, his story is still so riveting but in a much more calmer and slow build way. He stirs the pot that bubbles up stories elsewhere that span from Earth to this Cube and has consequences for many characters because after all isn’t that what Picard is best for?

In such a short period of time there are so many characters I am starting to come to love.

First up is Orla Brady as Laris.

For the first part of the episode she was one of the only voices you really heard as she explained to Picard about the Zhat Vash, a more secretive group then the Tal Shiar, who hate synthetics as it seems most Romulans do. Even before what went down on Mars. She’s become more then just a housekeeper that lives with Picard and her anger at him wanting to go off into space was one of the best scenes in the episode.

Also Alison Pill as Agnes Jurati is so fascinating to hear talk. She’s the closest thing we’ve got to information on just who and what Dhaji and Soji are and I really hope that whatever happens to Picard she goes along for the ride.

Whilst obviously they are played by the same actress I do not find Soji so far as interesting as Dahj, mainly because nothing of note has really happened that being said her unfortunately relationship with Narek, who turns out to be in on the whole kill synthetic thing, isn’t going to be good for her. The two of them so far haven’t had the chemistry I think the show hopes they would have, maybe they don’t think they should have it but I have a feeling that Narek isn’t going to stick around to turn on Synthetics and if there is going to be any kind of romance there then it really isn’t blossoming right now.

Then again RIGHT NOW he is still undercover so who really knows what he has up his sleeve.

You just kind of want to see Picard take off though at this point. All the information is amazing but you kind of want to see him fly off into space.

I am loving the series though.

Obviously a big part of this is the nostalgia factor. I’m not going to lie, any small hint of the old theme, any name check or past face, any little thing that I recognise from any of the shows just makes me feel giddy.

Personally I think it is doing a good job of combining nostalgia and a decent new story though.

As I said I just want to see Picard get into some real action.

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