Somali and the Forest Spirit : The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request

Episode 4

Kanaeru Hana to Negau Yakusoku” (叶える花と願う約束)

You think you’ve seen heartbreaking, wholesome love before?

YOU’VE SEEN NOTHING YET MY FRIENDS! Step right up to have your heart ripped out of your chest and stamped on over and over and over and over again.

It was the conclusion to the story of the flower that Kikila told her would grant her a wish if she can get it out of the cave before it loses its glow.

I didn’t think the big guy was going to be a bad guy and it turns out he’s just the person who has to patrol the tunnels under the city to stop kids like Kikila getting hurt. Muthrica turned out to be the stereotypical ex-solider who is actually a big push over when it comes to kids. After hearing Somali’s passion to get a flower for her wish he takes them further into the cave system and brings them home safely, not before that love and hope for Golem convinced the guardian of the tree and flowers to let her go as well.

This entire part of the show was a little bit of fun before the heartbreak and angst started.

To Golem rules are rules so when she’s home late it doesn’t matter the reason or if she’s safe all that matters is she broke a rule and like all parents everywhere because Golem had been worried he over reacted and acted out of anger by telling her if she can’t stick to his rules they won’t travel together any longer.

That in itself wasn’t so angsty, we know that he’s like that and that this entire thing is about him learning to be a parent as much as it is about him finding her family.

What happened next was after being worn out, breaking down after being told off set in a nasty fever for Somali which started our downward spiral into crying for two completely fictional characters.

It was then that not only did Golems parental instincts kick in but it kind of felt like the dads coming together to tell him that he isn’t a bad dad for reacting the way he did. We get this kind of positive reaffirmation with female characters quite often, specially here in the west where you are more likely to find the father figure the villain even when he doesn’t need to be, so it was kind of refreshing to have a lovely tale not only being told about a dad but being backed up by dads.

Kokilila points out that all parents get angry and lash out when their kids do things wrong but the important thing is afterwards when you apologise and make sure they know that you acted because you cared.

Not only that but Muthrica very much was there to hit home to Golem that Somali loves him beyond explanation and her very important wish needs to be fulfilled.

Which we know in a year and a bit it won’t be.

I keep saying the ending is going to be horribly emotional but I think we’ll learn that the lesson is that people don’t ever leave you really. I don’t know what will happen to Somali, I kind of hope that some magic doesn’t happen and Golem suddenly gets to stay alive but I’m liking this idea of him living on with her.

Kind of want her to go back to live with the Oni to be honest.

Have a feeling if there isn’t a big OMG SHE’S A HUMAN thing that maybe he will realise that looking for her parents isn’t going to work and will go backwards and try to find somewhere for her to belong.

I don’t know but it made me cry when he promised he wouldn’t leave her, specially when we know that this is going to be a heartbreaking moment later on when he has to leave her and Somali breaks down and reminds him that he promised.

Jeez this show just fills you with cold dread of what is to come whilst making you feel so warm and fluffy inside.

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