Infinite Dendrogram : Like a Flag Flying the Reversal

Episode 4

Gyakuten wa hirugaeru hata no gotoku” (逆転は翻る旗の如く)

We’ve had the cute VR MMO Experience now we have the slightly more serious one.

In a way this does feel more like a MMO though.

Random things happen and they just jump right in, some good focus on the fact that he was indeed in a party and this is sometimes how you have to really travel in these games to divert focus from yourself and then by the end of the episode even a random weirdo had found him and tricked him in some way.

It all felt very much like many of my experiences in WoW.

I have to admit the boss fight was pretty entertaining if not that interesting to watch, it focused a little too heavily on Ray getting to know status effects and then Nemesis leveling up and not on the action. As Nemesis’s first big skill was absorbing damage and dealing it back there was too much of Ray being beaten up and healing himself and not enough actual fighting.

The boss itself was pretty awesome and watching Rook and Babi fight the original group of Ogres was quite fun. It was nice to see that Rook has the upper hand when it comes to mobs whilst Ray has the upper hand in one on one combat.

So if the fight wasn’t any big deal what did stand out in this episode?

Honestly nothing much.

I can’t even say the interactions between the characters were that interesting either. I like that Ray is a team player and just because he beat the boss didn’t mean he wanted the award for beating the boss and that they divided it up between the three of them in a way all of them felt comfortable with then left the rest in their parties group funds and as a team they kind of work really well together but there isn’t anything special about the three of them together either.

There is stuff happening behind the scenes, we see some demon looking guy going on about how the Ogre boss was meant to upgrade and that they might never hit infinity. I don’t know if I just totally got lost in what he was saying or whether it wasn’t meant to make any sense whatsoever just yet but it was interesting yet not interesting.

That kind of is Infinite Dendrograms number one problem but maybe also its strength.

I really love watching it but it is forgettable when I’m not forcing myself to remember to watch it. As a series I think by the time it gets to the end it’ll be a perfectly fun binge worthy show but I don’t think it’ll be remembered very well unless it picks up.

Nothing annoys me or upsets me about the show but then nothing stands out that much either.

It is kind of middle of the road in every sense.

That being said I still like it and would recommend it to anyone into this kind of thing because the main character is fun, there are some crazy things and a few mysteries in the show but that is kind of it. For now I guess.

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