BOFURI : I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out my Defense : Defense and the Second Event

Episode 4

Bōgyo Toku-ka to Dainikai Ibento.” (防御特化と第二回イベント。)

We have made it to the second event. I’m kind of bummed that we are at the second event mainly because it feels like we never got to explore the first area very much but it is exciting to see a party event with PvP elements to it.

The PvP part won’t really come into play until the next episode but it was still a fun episode.

We saw Maple and Sally discover a dungeon hidden in the ground before beating a impossible Ice Bird Boss that looked just a little bit like Articuno from Pokémon which is funny because after they defeated the ice bird they ended up with two eggs that hatched into pets that kind of reminded me of Pokémon too. I know that MMOs have pets but I dunno.

It was very Pokémon feeling this episode.

Both fights were really good too. The first was pretty standard but was kind of the needed easy boss to start out a episode. We then moved onto a boss that was then confirmed by I guess the game devs to be more of a prank that no player was meant to be able to beat.

What I liked was that we got to see the team work playing out.

Not only are Maple and Sally pretty decent players and Maple is a little OP but they work well as a team which is what Sally decided to make her build based on in the first place. They have a few moves now and skills that help them when they team up and it makes for a interesting battle. Cover Move is pretty great for the fact that it is meant to be a defensive skill but Maple uses it to up her agility, she can always be just about where Sally is if she uses it and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to its use.

They also think outside the box and use their skills outside of battle like using Cover Move to get to the ledge after Sally or covering herself in poison to get down the hill.

As a team they just work.

Now they have two pets, a turtle and a fox, which are pretty cute.

It was interesting that the game devs seemed to be worried about Maple and the skills that she’s acquiring, making sure the medals don’t give her out any skills that she can use with other skills in weird ways.

Or at least I guess they are the game devs unless we’re going to learn that it is another game made by some weird alien species.

I think the problem they don’t seem to see is that she isn’t really a gamer and she is putting everything into defense as she can’t get hurt. She isn’t doing it for pro gamer strats or anything like that but because she just wants to enjoy herself without any pain to the point that right now there is no need for her to continue to put points into defense but seemingly she still is.

These devs are looking at it like she’s doing this on purpose when in actual fact she looks at the game in a different way because she isn’t a gamer which is a nice twist to the story.

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