Babylon : The End [END]

Episode 12

Owari” ()

So we are here. At the end of the story. So what was this all about?

Absolutely nothing.

I don’t really get what the point of the entire thing is.

Whilst we kind of knew that the real bad guy was Magase for quite a while there was still that “what about the politics and why the suicide law” question floating in the air for the entire series. What I feel like it actually was meant to be was that possibly Magase had just got to absolutely everyone and this was all her idea.

Honestly couldn’t tell you though as nothing was concluded in this episode.

Nothing at all.

I am beyond annoyed that Alex got killed though I do have to say that the way the did it was actually quite interesting but it should never have been the end of the series. His death in the long run means nothing, everything with his character means nothing and I am just not happy about that at all.

There is literally nothing in this series that made any real sense and I feel kind of cheated.

As far as we’re left knowing there was no big conspiracy that the Suicide Law was hiding. Whatever the world leaders came up with after this episode we never found out. It was very obvious after what happened that it wasn’t going to be a happy ending for anyone and it really wasn’t.

Thing is Magase wasn’t even a interesting bad guy.

Her “power” was so poorly explained that she was the worst part of the series pretty much every single episode she was in.

All the debates, all the questioning on what is good and bad… All of that was so much more interesting then random woman who can shape shift and whisper people to death that it just feels like I’ve wasted my life with this show waiting to find out what everything was about because at the end of the series the entire thing was about nothing.

Alex had just decided that good meant to continue which is a interesting concept that came out of nowhere. He basically had decided that being alive and continuing to exist was better then dying because you were there to change things, to do things. A character so strong and so cautious with what he says and does was just killed off for no real reason.

This series didn’t have to have a happy ending.

It needed a actual ending though and this was not it.

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