Anime Highlights Week 54

20th – 26th January 2020

So last week I tried my hardest to keep the highlights to a minimum and just try to group them together but lost heart half way through the week so I’m going back to being stupid and just talking crap.


MORE Trippy, trip, triping trip…

RIGHT OFF THE BAT we had a trippy time with Dorohedoro.

Like honestly guys not only was it trippy in the actual title which I didn’t realise but the whole show is like being on some weird mental break down. It is fully of crazy looking characters with weird masks, uses colours and weird stuff to their fullest and yeah.

It is like a nightmare and I’m all for it.

On the other hand you have Pet still tripping us out with the dives into other people’s minds.

Of course sometimes you get to see their peaks but mainly you are wallowing in their valleys which are horrible places for anyone to visit. Inui’s story was sad but to be honest even without that with no explanation to these super powers the guys have and just seeing them being able to manipulate whoever they want the series is a trip and a half.


From Dorohedoro to Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! One of the biggest things this season is the amount of sweet friendships going on.

That being said Bofuri kind of takes the biscuit with it setting up for what looks like lots and lots of cute friends down the line.

This weeks episode expanded on Maple and Sally’s friendship in game letting us see them do a few quests together, showing that the series will continue to let Sally be as powerful and important as Maple as well as reintroduce characters we’ve already met or found out about and introduce in a subtle way characters that could be friends later on.

If like me you watch the ending credits every week for no reason other then you wanna you might see the scroll through all the faces and you are just left wondering how many friends we’ll make along the way!

When it comes to Somali and the Forest Spirit it is time for Somali to make her first friend though which is sweet.

Her first friend being Kikila, the son of a restaurant owner that Golem ends up working for to make the money to continue their journey. Once again you are made very away of the fact that Somali is not just a child but a very young one and her friendship with Kikila is so wholesome and sweet, it really is just two kids playing together.

They might even pip the girls in Asteroid in Love to the top space of Wholesome Friendships but only just as we see their summer camp which was adorable.

Seeing all the girls getting involved and excited at the various museums and centers they went to was adorable, learning about all of their dreams and seeing them all work hard to help each other was the cutest.

I cried. Not going to lie I cried when Inose went to the map museum.

They were right that you just can’t mind anything with the look of happiness on any of the girls faces during this episode.


I love that Bofuri nerf’d a bunch of the OP shit that Maple had going on.

Not that obviously I minded it because it was a new game and she wasn’t exploiting things because she knew what she was doing but because it just so happened to be the skills she had learnt.

Honestly in this day and age the things that tend to be meddled with aren’t the ones that cause the problems but it was a funny situation to see and one as a gamer that talked to me greatly. Maybe not video game though… I’ll never get over some of the Malifaux nerfs that effected me as a Dreamer player (writing this sentence made me go look up the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits and OMG THEY’VE GOT GROWN UP MODELS AND LORD CHOMPY BITS IS NOW THICC!)

Hidden Sadness in Beauty

Sometimes I get really caught up in Somali and the Forest Spirit and don’t really make much sense.

Thing is this series is so sad and yet so enchantingly beautiful at the same time. We have a kid who has grown attached to a being with a very limited life (well not really but it IS now) and who comes from a species that isn’t just not welcome but eaten on sight which means there is very likely a sad ending for her coming up.

Even though we know the Golem has just over a year and a bit left in him and that Somali was a slave so her parents probably are dead there is this wonderful sense of hope, happiness and normality about everything. It is like truly watching a father get used to being a father for the first time, you forget sometimes the troubles of the world and just focus on the sweet bond the two of them have.

You forget all the sad and just focus on the cute even when the end of the episode kind of makes you a little worried for Somali.

Just a little.

Gruesome Deaths…

So let us not beat around the bush.

Dorohedoro has everything beat when it comes to gruesome deaths but that doesn’t mean everything has to be gory as hell.

Indeed it was Sherlock this week that really actually did it for me with the poison injected into the guys neck. It didn’t have to be over the top just having a very evil dude laughing maniacally whilst the guy tries to scratch at his neck in agony is enough to make the death truly gruesome.

Plus I guess nothing in Dorohedoro is going to beat him ripping off the girls face in the last episode.

Continued Rumours!

I really like how we have two shows whose premise is about rumours whilst a third this week at least was talking about rumours.

Both Magia Record and Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun are really all about those rumours. In Magia Record rumours are starting to become real attacking like the Witches usually do whilst the spirits in Hanako-Kun are shaped by the rumours that are spread about them.

It is interesting to see how things are shaped by rumours in both episodes, they are both kind of horror stories in a way but done in totally opposite ways.

The third was In/Spectre when it came to the Steel Lady, I mean the clue was in the name “The Rumours of the Steel Lady”… It was a decent episode.


So Madoka Magica was only as good as the visuals in my opinion but Magia Record is a interesting look at Rumours (see above) as well as bringing to life even more beautifully weird areas for us to marvel at.

Remember Magia Record is beautiful guys.

Character Highlight of the Week HOMEROOM TEACHER!

Does he have a name? Probably.

Do I care? No.

Does he care? More then Seri thinks.

A Destructive God Sits Next to Me does a lot of things wrong but the Homeroom Teacher is something I personally think they’ve done so much right with. He’s a ridiculously funny character but I think behind all the stupid stuff he actually seems to understand his class more then we think.


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