Pet : Forest of Bags

Episode 4

Fukuro no Hayashi” (袋の林)

Every episode seems to pile more questions on top of us.

Why isn’t Hayashi with Satoru? How do these people do what they do? Who really is Tsukasa?

It might ask these questions but it never feels in a rush to answer any.

This episode was kind of a breather episode. I mean it set up a few little bits here and there and gave us even more questions but the majority of it felt like kind of a nice break and getting to see Satoru and Hiroki, by far the most emotional and less work orientated of the group, just be themselves.

Which is weird because to be honest we didn’t see all that much of anything in this episode.

As Tsukasa and Katsuragi try to tail Hayashi he ends up one step in front of at least Katsuragi and plants some sort of USB with him, on the other hand it seems that Tsukasa is one step ahead of Hayashi being able to catch him before he leaves.

Who is Tsukasa to Hayashi?

I’m kind of guessing that Hayashi might have shown Tsukasa his peak like he did Satoru, either that or we’re going to get a father/son story line of some sort. I say this because when Tsukasa throws himself in front of Hayashi’s car Hayashi see’s a younger Tsukasa and there was a very long and sad talk between Hiroki and Satoru about how Tsukasa must miss the person who showed him his peak.

When we first met Satoru it seemed that Katsuragi and Hayashi were scouting for people with these powers so it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Hayashi might have helped a bunch of people find their peaks. Why he is so close to Satoru who knows? Maybe Satoru was just such a strong case or reminded him of himself so much that he bonded with him more then anyone else that he helped.

This though is another question for another day.

Probably the next episode.

I’m still intrigued by what Pets are though.

Last week it was kind of just thrown into a conversation that Hiroki is a Pet, Tsukasa’s to be precise, this episode has a few people drop the word into causal conversation letting us know that Satoru is also seen as a Pet but whose Pet we don’t really know.

I think we can take that as literal as it sounds though. This Company doesn’t seem to care all that much for its employees so I wouldn’t put it past the higher ups or those who share their peaks with others to view those below them as their Pets. Both Satoru and Hiroki seem to be much more emotional, in fact Hiroki says as much in this episode, so maybe being more emphatic/human in a way makes them other people’s pets.

That then begs the question who the heck is Tsukasa?

When we first met them it felt like Tsukasa and Hiroki were under Katsuragi but the last two episodes have made it feel like Tsukasa is actually above Katsuragi. Specially this episode where Tsukasa takes full charge of the operation against Hayashi.

Whilst that in itself is something worth investigating deeper the fact that it seems that Hiroki is completely unaware raises even more questions.

Hayashi says that those really in charge don’t get near those with the power as they fear them so maybe Tsukasa and Katsuragi are actually basically on the same level but for some reason that was hid from Hiroki maybe to make him a more placid Pet for Tsukasa?

Who knows!

Whilst we now have had it confirmed that a lot of what they are doing is hypnotism we still have no idea how they are getting inside their own and other people’s minds. I like that even if they are using super powers of some sort they are equating it to something easy we can all understand, that in itself makes it easier going forward to process a bunch of what is going on. As I said this episode didn’t really do much but it dropped a whole bunch of terminology that I guess we’ll have to get used to going forward to explain the different ways that people are basically used by the Company.

So much going on and so little explanation.

One thing is for sure, this show is not going to lose my interest any time soon.

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