In/Spectre // Kyoko Suiri : The Rumours of the Steel Lady

Episode 3

Kotoko had started to tell a story. She doesn’t actually know what she is talking about but we’re in it for the long run.

Why did this woman throw the dead body into the swamp and hope that the police would find it?

I do not see the reason why we had to wait a week for the conclusion of the story.

It didn’t take particularly long and in the end the answer was that Kotoko didn’t actually know herself. She pieced things together in the most logical way she could to get the Guardian to shut up basically not only that but she points out afterwards to Kuro that the Guardian might have misheard the lady in the first place but try telling that to a all knowing being!

For me the entire thing was super interesting but also such a waste.

We were never going to get the answers and whilst that might not really be that important it just sucks balls that we won’t. The story we got was over the top and ended up with a dead baby thrown in the swamp but it was all lies to just appease a spirit.

That is what the Goddess of Wisdom is all about.

What the majority of this episode was actually about was introducing, or reintroducing, the character of Saki Mihara. You know the ex girlfriend of Kuro.

We skip two entire years and finally find Saki as a traffic cop living her life as best she can. She’s still traumatized by her life with Kuro and it is obvious that she’s a much tougher character then we might have given her credit for. Her world was rocked as would any when she came across a Yokai who was terrified of her fiancee and we also see that she saw his ability to heal for herself.

By the end of the episode we have the unlikely duo of Saki and Kotoko thankfully with no Kuro to be seen but it’ll be interesting to see what happens from there.

This episode felt like a nothing episode.

I was kind of hooked on the end of Kotoka’s story but the two different parts of the episode didn’t join up together very well and the first few minutes with Saki dragged so much as we were meant to see how much her break up with Kuro had effected her. When we got onto the story of the dead Idol who was now basically haunting people it picked up but before you know it Kotoka had appeared and the episode was ending on the bombshell of Saki finding out that this little girl was dating her ex.

Not that we know if she really is at this point that whole relationship is still weird as hell.

One big plus for this episode is that I really loved Saki.

As a character she is the only normal one out of the three so her explanation for things, the way she looks at the world is much more relatable then both Kotoka and Kuro’s.

Not only that but she’s just down to earth.

It was nice to see that she was effected by dating someone as weird as Kuro and that when faced with something that scared her again she’d run head first into it to try and protect herself. The relationship between her and Kotoka was actually kind of fun and much more watchable then Kotoka and Kuro. I like how she wasn’t afraid to smack Kotoka across the head when she was going overboard but think it was a waste to see her full reaction to Kotoka telling her she’s dating Kuro till the next episode.

Will be nice to see them working together on the Idol case.

Shame this episode was a bit of wash out.

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