ID : Invaded : Fallen

Episode 5

The only thing I have to say about this is that Hondomachi is 23?!

No that isn’t really all I have to say.

This show continues to be super engrossing with each and every story really being given time to be explained to us. We kept with the Gravedigger this week and it manages to tie into the Perforator with the guy at the end of the last episode who kissed Hondomachi, Haruka, being the main suspect after Hondomachi figures out that the kiss might have been a impulse confusion made by the hole in his head.

In other words his murderous intent was turned into a passionate one.

We didn’t really need Sakaido at all in this episode which I loved, it was nice seeing Hondomachi be able to figure things out for herself. We don’t really know much about her and her rather squeaky voice and the way she dressed made me think she was a child of some sort. Getting to see her putting her brain power to good use and figuring out that Haruka was doing this for a woman he was in love with and in turn that woman being a sadist and the true Gravedigger was fascinating.

This show isn’t afraid of getting wordy but they don’t make it tiresome in any way.

I was hooked on every singe word Hondomachi said. I was so into trying to figure out what it was that she had figured out and was honestly astonished when she came to the conclusion that Inami was the Gravedigger.

That being said Sakaido did at least remind us that there is the mysterious John Walker still about. Who he is, why he shows up in these wells and whether or not he’s a real life person able to jump into wells is something that we should have been thinking about all this time but we haven’t been because it hasn’t been mentioned. Whether that is good or bad I don’t know but I just felt the Sakaido bits ruined the flow of a otherwise really great story and only purpose was to remind us that Walker was a thing.

Not something I really cared for or needed to be reminded of though it makes sense having it go back to a Perforator case seeing that is where we saw him.

This is going on into the next episode so there is still time for us to learn more about the Gravedigger and Haruka but I feel like they did a good enough job of explaining them both in this episode. I would like to get what happened in their own words as I feel the most interesting part of this series is learning from the people themselves why they do these things but if that doesn’t happen I am pretty happy with what we have so far.

Hondomachi is amazing. I like her more then nearly everyone else in the show.

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