Dorohedoro : Night of the Dead / Duel! In front of Central Department Store

Episode 3

Shisha no Yoru” (死者の夜) // “Kettō! Chūō depāto mae” (決闘! 中央デパート前)

So much happens in such a small amount of time that it is hard to remember that this is only the third episode of Dorohedoro.

This episode is no exception.

We go from a crazy zombie run to Shin and Nio finally meeting up with Caiman and Nikaido to Caiman losing his head and everyone trying to dissect it. Not only that but we learn about the first time Nikaido apparently met Caiman, that she’s a sorcerer as well as there just being the ongoing mystery of who Caiman is and now who stole his head and why?

It didn’t feel like that much had happened though. It felt like the episode ran short and that is the beauty of it.

These characters are so fun to watch even when they are doing some gruesome stuff that the episode just floats on by like it is being played in double time but nothing about the plot is complicated so it is so easy to follow along the entire episode without losing track of what is happening.

Not only that but it is always crazy what with zombies in this episode and just the main cast of characters being strange in their own ways.

As much as I like the mysteries and the rest of it I think what I enjoy the most about the series is how beautifully animated it is.

I’ve said before it gives me Judge Dredd feels in that the world is the grimmest you can ever imagine and using a word like beauty doesn’t come naturally when looking at the grotty world they live in or the crazy costumes they wear but everything about it is just perfectly animated to make sure you never take your eyes off the screen.

Personally I don’t think I’ve seen a fight scene so beautiful as the one between Nikaido and Nio.

No it wasn’t flashy or anything like that but they really made you look at just what they were doing to each other whilst managing to make you feel just how much force was being put into the blows. Small little details like Nikaido raising her eyebrow just made it even better as well as the usual bloodiness you now expect from the show.

It was a short little fight that was so impactful and took my breath away.

I’ve said before one of the reasons why the show looks so good is that the characters all kind of have baby faces, clean and simple yet the characters are grimy and basically all killers. I love the details on someone like Shin where they have his fingers basically stitched back on yet his skin is so pure and white looking and his face looks like nothing bad has ever happened to him.

Those contrasts make the show just such a feast for the eyes and one of the biggest reasons I am enjoying it this much.

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