Magia Record : Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story : This Isn’t the Past

Episode 4

 “Kako ja nai desu” (過去じゃないです)

With the rumours of the Staircase finished Iroha is on the look out now for more rumours that might be the cause of her sister Ui going missing.

Maybe it is because the series is diving into urban legends that I like this more then the original but this episode was so very fascinating for me that I’m so sad I have to wait another week to see how it ends.

As I said they are diving into rumours which are basically urban legends and this time they are looking for a Shrine that allows you to see someone that you want to see once again. It is all tied in with a story about a lady who sacrificed all the people in her castle grounds to see the one she loved once more after he was killed and everything from the rumour being explained to the story of the lady was just beautifully done and had me entranced in the episode.

Yachiyo is starting to become one of the most interesting parts of the show.

She started off being quite abrupt and the first episode kind of gave me the wrong idea on what the show would be like. Moving forward and you can tell that something bad has happened to her and her friends in the past, probably losing this girl Mifuyu who she summoned at the shrine, that has left her cold.

Not only that but her warning in the first episode is starting to make more sense. She comes over now as really worrying about the safety of Iroha more then being angry another Magical Girl is in Kamihama and if Mifuyu is a Magical Girl that has died then it makes sense for her to warn weaker girls to stay away from a area that is extremely dangerous right now.

It also will tie into the rumour from the first episode I guess.

The whole reason that Iroha originally went to Kamihama was because of the rumour that Magical Girls can be saved in the city. If something other then Witches are using rumours to lure people in then the rumour of Kamihama being the place Magical Girls are saved could be more then just word on the street. Maybe having so many Magical Girls in Kamihama due to that rumour is why the other rumours are suddenly becoming more then just legends passed on between kids?

There is so much in this show that I just find so fascinating and it keeps that perfectly amazing visual beauty that the original had.

We even got a real Witches Labyrinth inside a box of Kellogs this week which was fun. I mean… It interrupted sale shopping but I just found it funny that the Labyrinth was inside a box of what looked like cereal.

Whether or not finding these missing people in the shrine is going to help I don’t know but the mystery continues in the search for Ui, why there is a baby Kyubey and of course how the rumours are coming to pass in the first place.

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