A Destructive God Sits Next to Me : Death Wish

Episode 3

I might have finally decided what is holding this show back from being completely enjoyable for me…

Now this has always been a iffy show for me and I’m not giving up on it as I do kind of like a lot of the background stuff going on but the biggest problem this show has is that we live it inside Seri’s head.

I get why as well.

As I’ve said before I’m pretty sure the point of this show is going to be that Seri kind of gets over the embarrassment of being around Hanatori and realise that in actual fact this group of weirdos are his friends. It is undeniable that they are friends if I’m honest but deny it Seri does.

If we were just watching as events unfolded the series would be a whole bunch more fun, we don’t need to hear every little thought going on in Seri’s head and most of the time it is him worrying about his friends or basically wondering how they can be so happy when they are so weird in his eyes whilst also then damning himself for falling into their trap when in actual fact I just don’t think Seri is that happy to begin with.

That constant wall of noise that is Seri’s thoughts is what stops the show being totally enjoyable.

This episode had two very strong stories in the introduction of Helius or Hibiki Kimiya a first year who has a bunch of bad luck and overheard talks of Hanatori and his Miguel character so created Helius to befriend him as another outcast and then the field day where it turned out Seri was sick and they had recorded the entire thing for him to see and ended up at his house to show him the recording.

In fact the second part of the show was actually a really interesting and fun idea but because the entire episode had been inside Seri’s head hearing him talk down to people, complain and whinge constantly it had become tiresome before the big reveal that actually he wasn’t there at all when it came to the field day.

Going to admit it right now.

I really like Hanatori as a character. He’s sweet, funny and there are some interesting things that can be done with him. Tsukimiya is a dick but in that loveable way that even though you know he’s taking the piss out of Hanatori and now Hibiki you kind of know he’s a outcast too and he’s just that guy in that group. Even Hibiki is a sweet little character whose explanation of how he came to want to be Helius was really sad.

Heck I LOVE the Homeroom Teacher, I find that even though maybe he is doing a poor job of keeping someone from distracting the entire class he seems to actually understand that Hanatori might need this and whilst Seri thinks that he’s just messing around in a way Hanatori is more set in his goals and moving towards his future then Seri thinks he is.

That reveal that he was filming the field day and basically chasing after Hanatori all day for Seri had me in tears of laughter.

Whatever the moral of the series will be though is going to be lost in a endless barrage of moaning and dripping from Seri.

Seri himself is also not a unlikeable character. I just don’t need to hear his every thought constantly.

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