Somali and the Forest Spirit : The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

Episode 3

Horaana no Soko no Umi” (ほら穴の底の海)

How one show manages to hide all the danger and sadness it is bursting with in such a beautiful and charming story is beyond me but Somali and the Forest Spirit is one of the sweetest shows that ultimately looks like it is leading to the most depressing of ends.

That isn’t even to do with my pondering on whether or not Somali’s parents are even alive!

This episode itself gives us yet another reason to be heartbroken and that is that we are totally aware that Golem will die in just over a year but Somali doesn’t know this and probably wouldn’t understand it even if she did.

To Somali this is her father and that is all she cares about.

Another episode that is ridiculously adorable and wholesome in every way but now the major problem facing the pair isn’t their money woes or how to travel in a desert but the lack of communication that a child and a Golem are bound to have.

When I say communication I mean that Golem might slowly be changing a little bit by having to father Somali but he still doesn’t get the fact that she’s starting to bond with him on a human level. Well not even human on a level he can’t understand. Not telling her things like he has a life span that is extremely short isn’t helping and instead makes Somali feel like he doesn’t want to be with her. So when she finally breaks down to her new friend Kikila, son of the guy who has given Golem a job so he can make money and get the equipment needed for the next part of their journey, she agrees as a young child in emotional pain would to go somewhere dangerous to find a flower that will grant her wish that she can spend forever with her dad.

Not that I’m saying if Golem tried to explain it to her it would mean anything to her at this age but the lack of communication on why he needs to hurry just leads to more heartbreak.

Somali and Kikila together were adorable and Anthole is another amazingly beautifully put together city full of vibrant and interesting looking characters. Even when Somali and Kikila journey to the caves underneath the world in search for this flower it is one of the most beautifully put together places you’ll see.

Again all this heartbreak over Golems life span and the obvious worries about whether Somali’s parents are even still alive just weigh heavily on your heart they don’t weigh heavily on the show itself. Not that it hides these things in fact it hints very often that this show isn’t going to be happy and this world isn’t as beautiful as it looks all the time but it hides it so well that sometimes you forget that just someone finding out who Somali is could end with her dead.

Not that she needs that to get into trouble.

This is the first episode where they are going to focus on a story over more then one episode which is interesting, the first half of it was pretty well paced and I’m happy that it is taking its time to tell this story. I like that they give the characters time to just do things instead of rushing it.

Hope the second episode is just as good.

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