Smile Down the Runway : Smile Down the Runway

Episode 3

Runway de Waratte” (ランウェイで笑って)

It is a tall persons world out there and Chiyuki has to do her best to fit in whilst Tsumura has to just do a job he isn’t actually trained to do and has no idea to really do.

Can they do it?

Well of course they can else it would really be the end of at least one of their dreams.

After a rocky start I think I kind of enjoy where the show went in this episode. I don’t like Chiyuki at all which is a major problem for this show. She came over as a air head in the first episode and a total bitch in the second. This episode I’m not really sure what I make of her.

Maybe a problem that the show can hide but only when the focus is soley on Tsumura or herself. Together and she’s not really a character I can deal with for long periods and care for.

That isn’t a breaking point at all either.

I’ve said before my personal views on the fashion world aren’t fair and are skewered towards people in that world being a bit of a bitch. A unfair view point I have because it isn’t the world I belong to but, as is actually a point in this episode, fashion itself is something that effects basically everyone.

As a female even with little to no interest in fashion it has effected me because it is kind of meant to be something we’re interested in and people judge you for not caring.

Chiyuki comes over as all the women in the world who laugh at me for wearing t-shirts, look down their nose at me because I don’t conform to their dress sense or use my “feminine” whatevers when dressing myself. This is a personal problem but where the wider problem comes in is that she’s so sour and bitchy at times and whilst there is a element of her saying and doing things to provoke the right reaction out of Tsumura mix it in with her becoming the face of every woman in the world who has pissed me off when it comes to fashion and I don’t think I care for her to ever reach her dream.

Then again didn’t the anime start with her reaching her dream?

This is just the story of how she gets there.

That being said Tsumura’s dream isn’t that interesting either when left on his own. He doesn’t really have any motivation to go out there and do his thing being more focused on making sure that his sisters get the life they deserve. He’s only become this motivated because of Chiyuki, even in this episode where he had his chance to shine he panics and doesn’t finish on time because he had to wait for a slap in the face by Chiyuki to figure things out.

Again that is a problem for me.

I gave up on Ascendance of a Bookworm for many reasons but a bug bear was that Lutz dream had to end up being Main’s dream because he wasn’t allowed one of his own. His had to be given up and warped into something that made him help her with hers.

Smile Down the Runway is only slightly better and gets away with it so far because Tsumura DID very much want to be a fashion designer. Him warping that into wanting to design clothes for Chiyuki came about because she motivated him to chase his dream. That being said because they are so closely linked the show so far hasn’t really shown us what Tsumura can do if he hasn’t got Chiyuki glaring at him, threatening never to wear what he makes again and just being a ultra douche at every turn to “motivate” him to do what he’s meant to be really good at.

I don’t mind their dreams being connected and them working together to make them come true but I do kind of want to see him be able to get to that place on his own and not just because Chiyuki is busting his balls every ten seconds.

One thing that I really like about this show though is that in this episode we had the reporter and her assistant, her assistant opening up that she doesn’t like fashion because even when she went through a faze of liking it, because of course every girl does at some point hope people will like what they wear, she was too short and the odd one out so felt like fashion was closed to her.

That was a nice thing the show did was by using Chiyuki who is short as a character it gives a character like that a chance to see past this ridiculous “fashion is only for tall people” crap we always have to hear about.

I mean I didn’t get her thing about people smiling on the runway the whole point is the clothes but it was nice that it broadened its story.

Still I don’t dislike it.

That might sound weird but I don’t. I like the drama they managed to squeeze into every second, the clock running down and then the models making more time for it. I love how they explained how fashion shows work and gave us a look into that world. I love the fashion designer Tsumura is working with and how they don’t sugar coat that sometimes geniuses like that can be slave drivers and shit heads but these kind of environments are horrific to work in and you just have to do what you have to do.

It sounds weird that I enjoy a show so much when the main purpose of the show, the story of Tsumura and Chiyuki, bores me to some point but the world they inhabit and the other characters they meet are interesting and it does a good job of making you care about their position in the world and how they are bulldozing their way through it.

Every door they open might not look pretty and might mean you have to deal with Chiyuki being a dick for half the episode but seeing what that door is and how they get around it works.

For now.

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