Koisuru Asteroid // Asteroid in Love : Exciting! Summer Camp!

Episode 4

Wakuwaku! Natsu Gasshuku!” (わくわく! 夏合宿!)

It seems way too early to be in Summer but we’re going to Summer Camp with the girls and it just so happens to be Endo that has picked the destination.

So I think I’ve talked a whole bunch about how much I love the girls because I really, truly do.

Seeing them so excited about things that aren’t usually that popular with people that age made me happy as I was a very active and happy member of my own schools biology club and at one point wanted to be a Bio-Chemist. Science was always super interesting to me and that isn’t why I enjoy this show so much but this episode made me remember how big and vast the world and universe seemed when you actually cared about sciences of all sorts.

Except Physics. Physics was awful.

That being said this episode kind of took a slight turn.

I will admit that sometimes I can’t really tell Endo apart from the kids, she’s about the same height and there isn’t much “adult” about her. Four episodes in and I’m only just really telling her apart from them so having this episode which actually looked into how interested she was as a kid at the same things they are was really nice.

She stopped just being a teacher and you feel a little bit like she’s living her childhood back with these kids.

We haven’t been told whether she was in a group like this herself but her insistence on the BBQ and even offering them to stay at her grandparents house in this episode because it is close to things like the JAXA Center just kind of shouts of her maybe not getting to do these things with friends when she was younger and enjoying helping the girls not only try to work towards their dreams but to relive her own love for Earth Science with them.

Not only that but Endo’s grandparents were adorable, specially her grandfather who wanted to go to the JAXA center with them.

There was a sad moment though.

I really like Mikage. Like honestly I love her. She’s such a wonderful character and sure she’s a little stubborn on what she likes but you can see through all that nonsense in episodes like this.

For example more then anyone else in the group she’s actually paid attention to things that cross over both Geology and Astronomy. She knows that Monroe wants to be a Astronaut so actually asks questions at JAXA about how to become one as well as following Ao and trying to get her help on how to find a asteroid.

What makes all of this so sad is that she herself doesn’t actually have a dream and she’s surrounded by people who all do have very big dreams.

For me it kind of made me hope that going forward they will all try and help find a path for Mikage, not in a “she can’t figure it out so someone else has to” kind of way but actually put interest in. She seemed to know a lot about fossils so that might be a path that someone helps her see that she should go down.

It would just be nice for someone who has worked hard to begrudgingly bring the two groups together and kind of help them with their dreams as much as she can so far. It would just be nice for them to figure out a path for her with her. If you get what I mean.

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